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  • patrick

    do you all offer home delivery for the magazine? subscription options??


  • Michael

    Can I purchase back issues of SUP?


  • Chip Bock

    Is there a way to subscribe?

    I picked up the first issue with Garrett M. on the cover and have not seen an issue turn up since (in any stores, shops etc).

    Any information you can provide regarding subscription service would be great…


  • Dirk van Putten

    I have the same questions as others.

    1) May we purchase back issues?

    2) Can we subscribe for home delviery?

    3) If not, where can I get this magazine?

    Dirk van Putten
    Santa Cruz, CA

  • Earl Wilson

    I want to subscribe, please contact me on how to do it?

  • Shawn

    What’s the contact info to submit articles and photos? I’m working with Fletcher Burton.

  • http://PEPRINTING.COM Michael Vaughan
  • Richard Leuthold

    I would like to subscribe – or where can you get current issues?

  • Michael Rowan

    How can I subscribe for home delivery?

  • Elisabeth

    I would like to pay to have this delivered to my brother’s college. Please contact me to inform me as to how I can do so. Thank you.

  • Bob Milazzo

    How do you subscribe to this magazine ?
    Is it monthly ? quarterly ? one time deal ??


  • kevin o’brien

    Nice to see articles on BC here on SUP. We have a TON of images from around BC and thought maybe you might be able to feature something in the mag. River SUP, Snow SUP, amazing lakes and more. Check out to see what we’ve been up to. Our latest is the SNOW Sup.


  • Mark Wray

    I would like to list our race series in your publication and on your website. How can I do this?

  • Alan

    Also wondering about home delivery – please let me know how I can do this

  • Andrew

    I am wondering if I can have a pdf copy of the “Picking the Right SUP” article from the spring 2011 magazine. I want to frame it and hang it in our shop for people to look at when they are buying a board. Can someone shoot me an email about it?

  • Mark

    Can I get past issues??

  • Ran


    I filmed and edited some SUP surf clips, you may watch them in the following links. If you like, feel free to post them in your website.

    :-) Njoy



  • Judith

    Can someone contact me regarding advertising on your site?

    Thank you.

  • puredigitalmaui

    Zane Schweitzer SUP on Maui Nui.

    if you can post this on your site/s would help us all.

    mahalo nui for your kokua.


    aldo tassara
    Puredigital maui

  • Jeff kashner


    I would like to subscribe to the hardcopy issues as well.
    Please contact me on how to do this. Thanks.

  • Colby

    Are you going to answer the questions about subscribing?????????

  • Bob Fries

    We are starting up the Boise Whitewater Festival July 16/17. I am hoping that you might be willing to help us promote and sponsor the event. Please take a look at the “sponsorship request” at the top of the website; or if you respond to this email, I can attach it. Looking like we will also be adding a SUP cross on July 17th. Let me know if you can help out. Either way, hope you can make it over. Thanks, Bob

  • Bob’s Mission Surf

    I used to recieve your magazine, then they stopped comming. How do I get them back.
    858 483-8837
    43230 Mission Blvd.
    San Diego, Ca 92109

  • marc

    i am surfing at Trail one and two this weekend nice swell early in the morning both sat and sun. Packed at Dogpatch and trails is really working on this latest swell. Stoked… now that I have told you where the best spot is this weekend DID I WIN MY NEW LEASH?
    cheers see you in the water…

  • elen

    Aloha guys!
    great work with your site!
    couple questions:
    1. I have notice you don’t’ have andrea moller’s profile on your voting page.
    I manage Andrea and can either send you her profile and latest video or you can visit her new site :
    2. I am covering the Maui 2011 Triple Crown SUP events. would you like some material to post it?
    Mahalo and keep up the great work!

  • Brian

    not sure why the guys who paddled from FL to ME got left out of best expedtion and best paddle for a cause categories. Mike and Will paddled for wounded warriors and cleaned up along the way for SUP cleanup. from Key West to Portland Maine.

  • http://nope Cole

    Hey, I’m a park ranger at yellowstone national park. Been paddling around yellowstone lake all summer and did a backcountry trip this past weekend across 2 lakes and up a river. got some pics, was wondering if you were interested in a little write up of the story?

  • Andrew Drake

    I need to contact Natasha at SUP magazine. Can you please forward this to her
    Andrew_surf Ballard

  • Don Anderson

    I have a great pic of my 6 year old grand daughter SUPing on Lake Norman, NC. Do you want to use it in a future mag? Don

  • Rob douglas


    Who do I submit some photos to…..good shots of east coast hurricane Katia


  • Nick Lowe

    My name is Nick Lowe and i am a student at Algonquin College, in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Im working on a industry report on stand-up paddle boarding and was wondering if you would be able to point me in the direction of some solid resource about SUP.

    Thank you,

  • Aaron Goulding

    I have Chandlers 10 point sequence if interested!

  • Mike

    Nice job throwing profanity in the current issue. My little boy thought it was great. Am I going to have to start hiding SUP magazines from the kids so they don’t think FUCK is approriate language?

  • George Rehmet

    How do you submit photos to the magazine? And what are the requirements? Thanks.

  • Michele

    Hey Joe, Great to meet you and your family in Catalina. Do you have any copies of SUP the magazine that I can donate to kids at our post Thanksgiving paddle? It is called the Turkey Potluck and Paddle (we are on Facebook). It is a fun event in San Diego the day after Thanksgiving. Thanks! Michele

  • eric zeno

    How do I change my subscription address

  • Dwayne VanHoose

    Please check out the trailer for the up coming Documentary of Shane Perrin and his EPIC paddle as the only SUP in the MR340 padddle race, a 340 mile canoe and kayak race down the MO river!

  • David

    Good evening, I subscribed to your magazine on 26.10.11. When I got my order confirmation my suburb was not correct. Could you please tell me how to change my address details? Thank you very much for your help. Regards, David

  • Yoann HAMONIC


    I’m planning to organize a Swiss SUP tour in June 2012.

    I’m contacting you regarding my media plan and I will be really great to develop something together.

    I’m looking forward be in touch with the person in charge of the edition.



  • Fernando


    I subscribed to the magazine on Aug. 23rd of this year and I haven’t received any issue yet, is there a problem with my order??


  • Gary

    DITTO to # 38′s comment…….I subscribed to the magazine…submitted credit card payment……yet I haven’t seen anything since doing so. What gives!? I woiuld really appreciate some feedback….GS

  • Shari

    If you have any questions regarding your subscriptions, please contact Subscriber Services here:

    Thank you!

  • vaslin

    “DITTO to # 38′s comment…….I subscribed to the magazine…submitted credit card payment……yet I haven’t seen anything since doing so. What gives!? I woiuld really appreciate some feedback….GS”
    the same for me didn’t receive any thing so can not connect to

  • Avery Meirovitz

    To whom it may concern,
    Received confirmation of subscription on September 23, yet to receive any,
    Please let me know when should I expect my first issue, Thanks.

  • Ryan Kuhn

    Hi: I subscribed to SUP in the middle of summer but have yet to receive a magazine. Please advise…

    thanks, Ryan

  • Kevin Roberts

    Please see for event information for posting on your website event calendar and inclusion in any event calendar that may appear in the magazine.

  • Kevin Roberts

    Please see for event information and inclusion on your website and in magazine.

    Thank you.

  • Jim

    I train athletes in dynamic athletic balance. I have a short article on balance training and successful SUP racing. Where do i submit articles.

  • Hannah Capon

    Hey, I have some photos of UK paddling with my dog and was wondering whether you would like to publish them with a short piece.

  • Robert Butler

    Would it be possible for you to post the Official YouTube Video for the 2011 NC Surf to Sound Challenge (held November 19, Wrightsville Beach, NC)?

    Thank you!

    Robert Butler
    Surf to Sound
    Communications Director

  • Second Wind

    Please send dealer magazine for the sup mag.
    Thanks Ralf.

  • Wade

    My wife got me a subscription to SUP.
    I have the current issue, just wanted to make sure I get the next one, not the current!
    Thank you

    PLease contact me

  • Les

    I ordered a four issue subscription for my father in November, but he has not received any magazine. Please advise

    Mahalo nui.

  • Mark Melancon

    I am the owner of two fitness centers in SW Florida and just joined a SUP club locally. I have lots of interested paddlers in my gyms that I believe would like to read your magazine. Can we purchase a subscription that will get us more that one magazine(same issue) at a time.

    Happy New Year!

  • Dean Thompson

    Do any past issues feature the SUP scene in the L.A. area? I’d be interested in ordering- thanks.

  • Tracy

    I need info on how to get some exposier for a new product for SUP. Please contact me with your expertise. Thanks Tracy

  • sean cook

    We are interested in some advertising. Please send some info.

  • Cat

    Hey! My brother bought me a sup magazine gift subscription, not knowing I already receive it. Can you just extend my current subscription? I don’t want to get duplicates. Thanks

  • Jaysun

    I subscribed on 12/26/2011 and need to update my mailing address. Also I have not received an issue yet, shouldn’t I have?

    Please tell me where to go or who to call to correct my mailing address or where to send a change of address to.


  • Jeane Barrett

    Don’t forget the Catalina Challenge Relay on April 1st this year!!

  • Jeane Barrett

    Don’t forget the Catalina Challenge Relay on April 1st this year. Check it out at or on FB!

  • Katsumi Sato

    How to make a subscribe from Japan.
    Tell me the cost incl p/h. K/Sato

  • jay gilbert

    I subscribed a few months ago . I since have not recieved any mags . I have tried to contact but with no response .

  • jay gilbert

    I subscibed in October last year . Have not recieved any mags . Please advise of whats happening – thanks

  • alejandro

    I subscribed to the magazine today i need complete my adress
    please advise how to do?

  • Carl Norbeck

    I just tried to subscribe (and to send a gift subscription) to SUP but neither seemed to go through. Is the subscription function working right now???

  • Madelayne


    I subscribed one and a half month ago. How much longer does it take to get the magazine? I’m in Sweden by the way.

    Best regards

  • Crystal Doyle

    I subscribed a LONG time ago for 4 issues, and I only ever got 1. When will I receive the other 3? Or when will I receive a refund? Thank you.

  • LM SUP

    hey, I would like to publish a race on your calander. Can you tell me how I can do this please?

  • Karl Hobbs

    Hey there

    I joined your subscribtion back in Jan 2012 and have yet to receive any notifications or magazines.
    Any news would be good.

    Many thanks

  • University of Hawaii Library

    Got 3rd overdue notice. processed payment in Jan 2012. Did you get payment? Address on notice is based in Palm Coast FL. Is this correct? Fire on campus in fiscal office, records are being recreated…PLEASE RESPOND. Need to keep subscription active for our library collection. Subscription to SUP MAGAZINE.

  • matt mclean

    if i have print subscription i assume i get ipad edition free?

  • James

    How can I order a back issue of Winter 2011/2012?

  • Esteban Salgado

    I have subscribed to SUP Magazine couple of month ago and I have not received them yet.
    It is an international subscription to Uruguay (South America).
    Thanks in advance,

  • Karl Hobbs

    Hi Again,
    Just over a week ago I contacted you regarding my subscribtion. I think it only right and proper to now inform you that I am now the happy recipient of your ‘Spring 2012′ issue.
    Thank you

  • Hector Ruiz

    Please see for event information and inclusion on your website and in magazine.

  • Matt McLean

    I have bought your publication since it launched. I have attempted to contact you since your announced App. As a print subscriber shouldn’t I be able to access the content also via the App? Seems ridiculous to have to pay for 2 subscriptions. Can someone respond?

  • Jeff Miller

    i have never recieved my subscription to SUP Mag when i purchased Canoe and Kayak for a gift for someone else? -and they are not receiving it either. could someone please contact me. thank you

  • Dirk van Putten

    Hello Standup Paddler

    I am writing to conform my subscription is up to date. I subscribed in September of 2011. I have not received the Spring 2012 issue.

    Thank you,

    Dirk van Putten
    1776 View Drive
    Felton, CA 95018

  • Brian Thornhill

    Hey there!
    I have a great SUP photograph that I’d like to submit for editorial. Where should I email that to?
    Thanks! \,,,/

  • Todd Lawson

    Please send contact info/email to send editorial contributions. Thanks!

  • Adam Mustapha

    Hi there,

    I subscribed to your magazine nearly 3 months ago, you have kindly charged my credit card yet I have not received an issue yet. I am concerned that there a lot of other subscribers commented above that also have not received anything.
    Please respond.

  • Editors

    Hello all,

    If you are subscribing, please allow 30-90 days. The reason? We are a quarterly so your subscription will kick in after the current issue. We appreciate you though, so thanks for reading and please send comments to….

    Paddle Hard,

  • Robert Gaske

    I was on vactaion and I believe that my Post Office returned my magazine by mistake. They confirmed that they sent something back which would not fit in my P.O. box but could figure out who they sent it too. All my mailing information is correct but have yet to receive a magazine after subsribing many months ago and assume that was it. Could you look into this for me. I am really looking forward to the mag. It has been killing me not to buy one off the stand.


    Robert P. Gaske
    P.O. Box 748
    Carmel Valley, Ca. 93924

  • Jeff Urban

    What is the status of my order? It’s been 12 days with no word.

    I contacted your company and have gotten “no reply” error messages. and there is no general contact info here. I paid some money and would like something in return. the standard arrangement between customers and businesses, right?


    Thank you for ordering SUP Magazine, a Source Interlink Media publication. Your order is being processed.

    Please print this confirmation page for your records. Below is a summary of your order.

    SUP Magazine
    Price: $19.95
    Term: 4 Issues

  • Gibranna LaCava

    I’d like to send you a Press Release article about an Extreme Paddleboard Adventure. What email address can I send it to?

  • Jeff

    I have images I’d like to submit as a contributor. What’s the protocol?


    ~ Jeff

  • Danielle Schmidt

    this seems to be the only form of contact I can find with if you could give me an email address or email me, I was wondering how you can go about nominating events for the 2012 SUP awards!?

  • http://n/a margo pellegrino

    Why do we love to paddle, why do we love the ocean? How can we use this knowledge to help us grow the amazing sport of stand up paddling? The BLUEMiND Conference in the OBX has a gathering of amazing scientists looking at the neurological basis for our love of the ocean.

    Please take the time to check out both the founder of this event as well as what BLUEMiND has to offer.

    My friend, Dr. “J” Nichols is the brains behind this. You can check him out here- (his story was a feature article for Outside Mag).

    Info about the conference can be found here-

    For the Ocean!


  • Richard moran

    I recently finished up a 300 mile-13 day sup expedition up the St.Johns river in Florida. I’m trying to raise awareness for the river inorder to protect and preserve for generations to come. I started at the rivers headwaters near Vero beach at lake blue cypress and finished at the rivers termination in Jacksonville, Florida. I camped along the banks of the river and packed all my gear. I was fortunate enough to get several sponsors such as Patagonia, Watermans Applied Sciences, Race Fins by Larry Allison, Dry Case, Gear to Grow, Cascade Designs, Keen Footwear, Vibram five fingers, Intuition Ale works, Easton Mountain products and I would live to contribute to the mag.

  • Sara Satterlee

    Hi – I’m organizing a race in the Seattle area and I’d love to hand out SUP Mag to my participants. Would you like to? Thanks for considering.
    Stroke the Slough: July 29
    Facebook: (most recent updates)

  • Ciaran

    SUP dude rescues flood victims in Belfast yesterday.

  • iljana

    Do you know of a place I can learn to paddleboard in Pittsburgh PA?

  • Rich Kieper

    Do you take Paypal ?

  • Alex

    I have some great pictures. They take SUP to a different level where should I email them?

  • eugene bagley

    I have not received my summer issue of SUP. Can you contact me? Your 800 number for subscriber services does not work.

  • http://none Kerry Palmer

    I want to buy the June 20th, 2012 issue over the counter from a local retail store. Can you tell me where the closest store to the
    92804 zip code, orange county, california would be?

    Thanks so much!

    Kerry Palmer

  • Lauri Wright

    I wanted to send a quick note and see if you all were interested in doing an article on our 2nd Annual Stand Up For Safe Families paddle parade. This is not a fund raising event…it is simply to bring awareness to our community about the ongoing issues regarding domestic violence. Last year we had about 50 stand up paddlers, kayakers and canoe folks. This year we are hoping to have at least 100 stand up paddlers plus the additional canoe folks and kayakers. This event will take place on October 4th and we are very excited to see our famous “Lady Bird Lake” filled with a sea of purple to represent those who no longer have voice.

    We would also like to take this time to invite you out for a wonderful evening paddle in Austin, TX. I appreciate your time in this matter and look forward to hearing from you.

    Lauri Wright, LCDC
    Senior Counselor w/Travis County Counseling and Eductional Services.
    Cell 512-740-9084
    512-854-9540 ext. #35166

    Notice: This facisimile or e-mail transmission, including any attachments, may contain info that is privileged and confidential under state law. This message and any attachments are intended only for the use of the designated recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this transmission is strictly prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, please notify the sender listed above immediately and delete this message, any attachments and all copies thereof.

  • angelena

    Hi, I’m in Australia and subscribed to 4 issues back in January. Will I be sent an email to let me know when I need to renew my subscription or will it be done automatically?

  • Mark

    I’ve moved and would like to update my address. What’s the best way to do that?

  • Steve Bick

    I received the June edition of the magazine twice please make sure that my 4 issues start with the next edition.



  • Bill Maloney

    When/where is the 2012 SUP Awards party. How do I get a ticket for my son Ryan


    Bill Maloney

  • Bill Eisenmann

    Could you please forward me the contact for the individual/department where we should send our press releases regarding SUP Professionals?
    Bill Eisenmann

  • Abby North

    My record label just released the H2IndO Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album. If you’re not familiar with H2IndO, it’s a Standup Paddle Boarding documentary directed by Brent Deal, featuring Slater Trout, Chuck Patterson, Dave Kalama, Connor Baxter, Dave Boehne, Jamie Mitchell, and Talia Gangini.

    I’d be stoked if supthemag would review the album. If you’re interested, I can send you links to the album’s audio files.

    Abby North
    Dylanna Music

  • Linda Bickos – graphic designer

    Would like to know if I can purchase the last 4 SUP Mag issues. I designed ads for these and would like them for my portfolio. Please let me know.
    Linda (ZRE ads – Zaveral Paddles)

  • Guest

    This usage of LeRoy Neiman is inappropriate and used without consent as he is deceased and not associated with the story. All usage should be approved at Thank you.

  • Gail Parenteau
    This usage of LeRoy Neiman is inappropriate and used without consent as he is deceased and not associated with the story. All usage should be approved Thank you.

  • Steve Gates

    Hi guys,

    I’m hoping to get 8 tickets to the SUP Mag awards banquet this Thursday for the team I’m bringing from Oregon for BOP. Any chance for that?
    -Steve Gates, Hood River

  • Amy

    You are invited to Tower Paddle Boards’ official Battle of the Paddle Kick Off Party! Come to Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point at 6:30pm to kickoff a great weekend of paddle boarding and to watch a live viewing at 8:00pm of Tower’s follow up episode on ABC’s Shark Tank (

    Food will be provided and a raffle to win a Carbon Fiber Paddle!

    The first 50 people will receive a free drink ticket.

    Let us know if you can make it and we will put you on our VIP list.

    RSVP to

    Any questions? Please contact Amy Fausset at

    or call (858)362-4082

    Battle of the Paddle

    Hennessey’s Dana Point
    34111 La Plaza
    Dana Point, CA 92629
    (949) 488-0121

  • Chris

    I ordered 4 issues of SUP Magazine through The Climb. They said deliver would be by September 17th. When I called The Climb they said there is nothing they can do as all orders have now been sent on to you. Can you let me know when i should expect an issue? Thanks.

  • Amy

    Send Tower Paddle Boards your pictures to have a chance to win a FREE TOWER INFLATABLE PADDLEBOARD.

    This summer we will be announcing the “Paddleboard theme of the month” every month and you send us your pics with the theme to enter.

    Post pictures on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and make sure to include the hashtag theme of the month to enter the contest.

    September theme: #uniqueSUP

    Send us a unique paddleboarding picture, something we most likely haven’t seen before. This can be something you are doing on your paddleboard or a unique location you are paddleboarding at. Check out our examples below. Good luck!

    Winner will be announced October 1st 2012

    Instagram: @paddleboardTwitter: @TowerPBFacebook:

    Must like us on Facebook or follow us at Twitter to win.

    Panoramic photos are preferred
    Once you submit photos to Tower for contest entry, Tower will share rights to photo.
    For additional information contact

  • RH

    I’m doing the Inside Passage on a SUP this summer and saw your article about Jonathan Francis. Did he finish? I can’t find any more about it. any info would be great.


  • Bill Maloney

    re: Press Release How do we communicate with your mag? Thanks, Bill Maloney

  • Marimar McNaughton


  • Brett

    I’ve recently moved and need to update my address on my subscription. how do I do this??

  • Neil newton

    On 9/21 there were two deductions of 60.00 a peace withdrawn from my checking account for an on line subscription to your mag. Please let me know how I can get one of those credited back. Thank you.
    Neil newton. 615-496-8082.

  • Francois Beauchemin

    Sign up for the magazine in July and haven’t received anything yet is that normal?

  • Cara Bussell

    Hi! I’ve moved and am wondering how I can change my shipping address for my subscription that was bought for me as a gift. Great mag!

  • Alexandre Guimarães

    Sign up for the magazine in August and haven’t received anything yet is that normal?

    And I sent an email to and never answered , is that normal?

  • Stephen Bick

    I have now received a letter saying that my subscription is expired but I paid $19.95 one subscription ago. Please let me know that I will continue to receive my magazine.

  • Francois Beauchemin

    Hi, I am very excited about receiving my first issue of sup mag, but for some reason have note received it yet. Can someone please help me?

  • danfox

    Hi, just wondering when i will be getting my first mag, its been about 10 weeks since i got my comfirmation email.

  • Jamie

    Hi, I paid for two copies of the issue that has the article on the Great Bear Rainforest. Has that issue come out yet.

  • Mojo

    On the latest Winter issue there is a write up on Fanatic’s “Prowave 8’10″ LTD”, you guys list it as being 191L of volume… On the Fanatic site they list it as 119L. Is this a typo in the magazine or is there a 191L version coming out that isnt showing on thier website?

  • mat

    took my money for 8 digital issues and I received no further instructions or a confirmation email, log in and password, etc. and no contact email, this is feeling like a scam!

  • alaska

    Paid for a subscription….and I keep getting billed, but I paid……and I just cot a notice saying it’s going to collections if I don’t pay. ????? How on earth do I get in touch with someone there? help….

  • SUP Staff

    Please email your contact information.

  • SUP Staff

    Hi Matt, If you have any specific questions, please email

  • Tim Haywood

    I have gotten an email and a card in the mail saying that I placed an order and that you could not make a payment using the credit card info that I provided. There must be some sort of mistake as I didn’t place an order. I had a subscription last year and let it run out without renewing on purpose because as a charter member of SUPIA I was informed that a subscription to SUP the mag would be given to each charter member. Maybe SUPIA submitted my info in order for you to be able to send the new subscription out to me and it was mistaken for a renewal of my old subscription at my expense. Not sure but please do not bill me for a subscription that I did not place an order for. I welcome the free subscription that I was informed by Kristen Thomas that I would be receiving for being a charter member of SUPIA.
    Tim Haywood
    Owner Operator at All Out SUP, Eureka CA

  • Allison Ingram Merow

    BEWARE! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!SCAM ….SCAM……SCAM……SCAM…….SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shariyee

    Hi Allison, We apologize that you are having issues with the payment process. We are currently looking into the problem. Someone should be contacting you shortly.

  • shariyee

    Hi Tim, Can you please send your contact information to so we can further investigate the issue? Thank you!

  • NIck Paden

    Just got an International 1 April13- .Will this start with Spring 2013 issue please ?

  • Nick Paden

    Any chance you can answer my question below please re subscription ? Cheers

  • susan

    Who do I contact to correct a subscription error. I received a bill for a subscription… I never ordered this magazine. As a much older female this is not a magazine of my choice.

  • Frank

    why delete my post?

  • Nick Paden

    Thanks have my answer now re internatonal Sub question .

  • tatsiana

    I subscribed for a year and received 4 issues. YOU extended my subscription without my permission and now HARASSING me about payments and I just received notice about collections agency. This is awful customer service. This is an awful way to treat people that brings you business.

  • Tee

    Aloha, I see that the Honolua Surf Co.’s Ultimate SUP Showdown is not listed on your calendar. It is amazing combination of events resulting in the Ultimate SUP Showdown, all Pro Invitational. The event takes place at Duke’s Oceanfest 2013 in Waikiki, Oahu. Duke’s Oceanfest runs from Aug. 17 to Aug 24th, 2013. We would love to share additional details about the event!

  • LShimmings

    Well, there are several adults using this computer at this location and we all wanted to vote for the Most Philanthropic event, the SUP Paddle NYC…Except that the site is set up to take a first email address for one person and then rather condescendingly informs one that one has already voted and that voting is limited to one vote per person when one tries to go to the relevant page to vote under another person/email.

  • don

    When will the print version of the winter 2013 be out?

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  • A. Berkey

    I’ve received emails saying that the latest issues of SUP are available to be viewed, but they show up in my library as costing 4.99. After clicking to download the issues, it asks for my password in order to charge me for them. I’ve tried restoring purchases several times with no luck. What are my options?

  • chris

    Have received one issue since August. What is going on????