4th Annual Punta Sayulita Classic

Photo: Reiko Allen
Photo: Reiko Allen

It was an exciting and fun-filled weekend at the 4th Annual Punta Sayulita Classic, presented by the Riviera Nayarit Tourism Board. The village of Sayulita was buzzing with excitement as some of the best surfers and standup paddlers from around the globe put on an incredible display of performance in some challenging surf conditions over the weekend.

Photo: Reiko Allen
Photo: Reiko Allen

The conditions provided plenty of fun for the surf contests, with Hawaii’s Zane Schweitzer and Vanina Walsh taking the overall wins in SUP surfing. The SUP Elite Race was more than challenging, given the sizeable surf conditions the racers had to navigate, with Fernando Stalla and Fiona Wylder coming out victorious. In the Distance race, Ryan Helm was the first to cross the line with Fiona Wylder repeating wins on the ladies’ side. Check out the full results and photo gallery:

Men’s SUP Surf
(1) Zane Schweitzer
(2) Fernando Stalla
(3) Guillermo “Tigre” Cadena
(4) Ryan Helm

Women’s SUP Surf
(1) Vanina Walsh
(2) Karen Jacobson
(3) Fiona Welder
(4) Izzi Gomez

Men’s SUP Surf “Old Boys”
(1) Chuck Trout
(2) Adam Finer
(3) Roberto Conti
(4) Carlos Ochoa

Men’s Longboard
(1) Tony Silvgani
(2) Joel Barraza
(3) Fisher Grant
(4) Patricio Gonzalez

Women’s Longboard
(1) Chloe Calmon
(2) Karina Rozunko
(3) Mary Osborne
(4) Erin Ashley

Elite Race Men
(1) Fernando Stalla
(2) Zane Schweitzer
(3) Ryan Helm

Elite Race Women
(1) Fiona Wylder
(2) Sofia de Wolfe
(3) Bailey Rosen

10K Distance Race Men
(1) Ryan Helm
(2) Mo Freitas
(3) Fernando Stalla

10K Distance Race Women
(1) Fiona Wylder
(2) Brit Oliphant
(3) Sofia de Wolfe

2.2K Fun Race Men
(1) Hector Gonzalez
(2) Chuck Trout
(3) Ori

2.2K Fun Race Women
(1) Martha Diaz
(2) Katie Mclean
(3) Stacey Griffin