A Couple Questions With Kody Kerbox

Photo: Andrew Welker
Photo: Andrew Welker

Simply put, Kody Kerbox kills it. The teen from Maui is a strong competitor in both the SUP racing and surfing scenes, and is a top contender on the Standup World Tour and World Series. Between traveling, training and competing, Kerbox is a busy kid, but we were able to steal a few minutes of his time and catch up. —SC

SUP mag: Tell us what you’ve been up to with the World Tour.
Kerbox: I just got home after a couple trips and I’m glad I’m finally back. I went to Abu Dhabi and Brazil, and now, ya know, I’m home for the summer, racing and doing downwinders. I’m just glad to be home and sleep in my own bed.
The next World Tour event isn’t until Huntington [Beach], so we’ve got a break for the summer. I’ll get some new boards, and train, and make sure I’m ready for the next event. Huntington has a super fun wave, one of the more fun waves on tour, and fairly close to home compared to some of the other stops, so I’m definitely looking forward to California.

SUP mag: We heard you chose a different ride for OluKai’s recent Ho’olaule’a?
Kerbox: Yeah, it was my first time racing an unlimited board ever. It was kind of just a test run for some summer races. It felt good, the wind was kind of light, but I got some bumps and had fun for sure. It’s just crazy— it’s so different using the rudder and trying to figure it all out. It’s completely different than what I’m used to; it’s tricky but it’s fun. I guess it’s always fun learning something new.

Photo: Jimmie Hepp
Photo: Jimmie Hepp

SUP mag: What races are on your radar for the next few months?
Kerbox: Well, the Triple Crown is in July. The downwinder is something I’ve never really done too well at, so this year I’m going to work really hard and it should be fun, but hard for sure. I’ll be out in California for the Huntington event– it’s before the Battle, so I’ll be out there already and ready to go at it. But yeah, I’m looking forward to Battle, it’s always a fun one.

Photo: Maui Rippers
Photo: Maui Rippers

SUP mag: What kind of training will you be doing this summer?
Kerbox: I’ll just be paddling and surfing as much as possible, maybe some bike riding or running. I’ll be trying to mix it up and keep it interesting, and I’ll paddle with all the guys on Maui. Connor Baxter will be gone, but Zane [Schweitzer], Slater [Trout], all those guys are all good training partners, so I just try to get with them. It works better working with each other and it keeps it more fun too. Race day, we can all put our game faces on, and you know, we know how the training went. You just hope you can base it off of that.

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