Baxter, Anderson Win in Oleron

Connor Baxter continues to be the man to beat at Oleron, France with his third overall win in as many stops of the Standup World Series. His second place in the distance race and a first in the sprint at the Oleron Island Paddle Challenge continued his perfect overall record on the season.

Speaking of commanding performances, Annabel Anderson is great at those, too. She was sixth overall in the distance race. By overall we mean, amongst many of the fastest men in the world, Anderson finished sixth. She was over ten minutes ahead of her nearest female competitor. Gnarly. She won the sprints, too.

Conditions were surly in France over the weekend, with swirling winds and gray skies. The distance course had to be shortened from 30 kilometers to around seven due to safety concerns. Kai Lenny made his presence felt with a solid win in the distance race, beating Baxter by over two minutes. With a fourth place finish in the sprints, Lenny finished second overall. —WT

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