Butterflies, Babes and Boards

Photos by: Erik Aeder

Flocks of ladies swarmed Maui’s Baldwin Park for the 7th Annual Butterfly Effect (BE) event, Saturday, April 27th. The female-focused day featured a blessing, yoga warm-up session, and a downwind paddle with a celebratory beach party at the finish.

Mayor Alan Arakawa kicked off the event, giving a blessing on the sandy shores of Baldwin Park before the pack of women, or ‘butterflies,’ began a yoga warm-up and headed out into the water. More than 300 ladies grabbed SUPs, OC-1s, paddleboards, and kayaks, and took to the water for a non-competitive group paddle. The fleet of females paddled downwind to Kanaha Beach Park, where they enjoyed a party with music, drinks and some fun girl time.

The annual Maui event aims to bring women together in a comfortable setting, instill self-confidence and a love for the ocean, while also promoting females in water sports and empowerment in daily life. Since established in 2007, BE has held 24 events in ten countries, with each event focusing on fun, environmental awareness, education, and giving back to the community. —Shari Coble

For more info, visit: BeTheEffect.com

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  • http://www.facebook.com/h1n1c2 Robert Haney

    looks like fun

  • Mama Lioness

    This is so awesome! I’m from Hawaii, but have not been back home since 94. These pictures make me homesick, yet they fill my heart with a bit of home.
    Thank you SUP Magazine!



  • Corninshe1t

    Ugly s1uts.

  • K-C’i

    Looks really cool.

  • K-C’i

    Your just jealous.

  • rudy

    i am coming next year

  • Ryan Jeremy

    Looks like a great event for women, too bad it seems that the camera man was only concerned about getting shots of their behinds.

  • Sam

    What a time not too have a 75″ computer screen everything was going well then they let the blond girl talk! Silence is Golden Duct Tape is Silver!

  • Yubastid

    ah, just my type

  • DLShow

    A lot of booty in one place. LOL

  • Aiuba Canana

    Maravilha, uma Aventura de todos os tempos. Gostaria de participar nos proximos eventos

  • Aiuba Canana

    Tudo a mistura: sol, calor, brilho, cores, saude, paz, felicidade, organizacao, criancas, animais de estimacao, vida e mulheres! Bem feito

  • Aiuba Canana

    E acima de tudo, as mulheres sao o garante de estabilidade tanto social, emocional, economica e ate as vezes sao motivos de desentendimento na sociedade humana. Uma questao de gestao!



  • Isaiah S.Sargbe

    Thanks to Womenhealth

  • Isaiah S.Sargbe

    I wish to be with these beautiful ladies one day

    cuz it won’t be easy that day……

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