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Field Notes: Completing the Salish Sea Crossing

By: Adrien Sala
Photos: Rory McGarry and Adrien Sala

Day 2

The group just took a quick break and a baby seal jumped up and took a breather on Jack Bark’s prone paddle board!


Land-Ho! The crew arrived into Island View campground on the Saanich Peninsula, well over 2/3 of the trip complete. Shortly thereafter the food arrived and the team settled into sharing stories about the journey. The mood is up and with hours before bedtime, this is going to be a great time to catch up.

Day 3

Up at 3:45 AM for the final day of the paddle. Coffee, breakfast burritos and rain. Lots of rain. The group decided to tackle this final leg early in hopes of beating the wind and catching the current. With the support boat packed, everyone hit the water just before sunrise, the prone paddlers with gloves on for the first time. Hoping to get ahead of the weather. It was blowing 25 knots off Ogden Point at cast off but has dropped significantly. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Could land as early as 10:30. The winds have dropped off and we are making great time. Hot showers and a nap are imminent!


The team arrived at the G Dock inside the inner harbour, directly in front of the Empress. With a solid current pushing the entire way, we were able to make amazing time. A small group of friends, family and supporters were there to great the paddlers as they took their final strokes today, all lined up shoulder to shoulder in solidarity for this great cause. They were jubilant, exhausted, and very happy to hear there is a hot tub at the hotel.

This afternoon will be about reflection on an epic challenge that will hopefully help put men’s health front and centre in many peoples minds. For now, the team will pack up and enjoy some of the fresh salmon that was caught by Erin, the support boat captain from Ogden Point Dive Centre who piloted the group the entire way. Salmon, coffee, hot shower and a nap – in that order.

Stay tuned to SUPtheMag.com for a recap of the Salish Sea Crossing from Lina Augaitis.

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