Hurricane Sandy Provides Standup Paddlers With Another Opportunity to SUP

Hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc up and down the East Coast. Claiming nearly 100 lives and causing billions of dollars in damage, Hurricane Sandy has been one of the most disastrous and devastating storms to hit the US. The monster storm, nearly 1000 miles wide at some points, made landfall on New Jersey’s coastline on Monday, Oct. 29, leaving most of the Atlantic seaboard flooded and without power. States as far inland as Michigan felt the power of Hurricane Sandy as well, with waves reported to be up to 20 feet high on Lake Michigan.

Pre-storm swells had standup paddlers riding pumping waves before conditions became too unruly to paddle out. Since the storm touched down, paddlers from Delaware to Virginia are breaking out their wetsuits and taking to the flooded streets to survey the damage and to see if they can find ways to help in the flooded areas. —SC