Industry News: Luke Egan Joins Fanatic

Photo: Pieter Plooy

Photo: Pieter Plooy

Fanatic is happy to report that former ASP Vice World Champ Luke Egan has signed to paddle on Fanatic! His name is well known to all following the ASP Surf Tour and his video Magic Carpet Boards is still a reference. Luke and Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel have already started working together to produce new SUP prototypes together with Aussie team mates Paul Jackson and Adam Quinn.

Craig Gertenbach, Fanatic Brand Manager:
“As a big fan myself of the ASP Tour, Luke Egan’s name and reputation obviously speaks volumes, so it’s a great honor for Fanatic to have him onboard. Not only is he one of the greatest surfers of all time, Luke has loads of experience in R&D on Surfboard and SUP development, as well as an amazing background in event organizing, athlete coaching and many other facets which will benefit Fanatic. Looking forward to seeing more of Luke and can’t wait to see the results of his co-operation with our shaper Sebastian Wenzel!”

Luke Egan:
“My good friend Derek O’Neill was training with the crew at Roar Industries in Currumbin, so joined I in as well and got hooked straight away. SUP training is the best I have ever done for my shortboard surfing, I really wish this was around when I was doing the ASP World Tour, we are seeing a lot of pro surfers taking advantage from SUP. I am really honored and grateful for the opportunity to work with Fanatic and Sebastian Wenzel on the SUP designs. With my knowledge from designing shortboards and Sebastian’s experience in CAD shaping, the boards in the upcoming collection will be hard to beat!”

Birthday: 24.01.1969
Country: Australia
Favorite discipline: Surfing, Downwinder, SUP Surfing
Best results:
– 2nd ASP World Tour 2000 – 3rd ASP World Tour 2002 – 1st Lowers WCT 2002
– 1st G-Land WCT 1997
– 1st Fiji WCT 2000
– 1st Mundaka WCT 2004
Favorite spot: Snapper Rocks
Favorite Fanatic board: 14” Falcon Downwinder
How I started SUP: Taught myself in front of my house.
Best SUP day in my life: Surfing Perfect Snapper all way to Kirra a few years back!
My Goals: Train hard, surf all day, have fun!
My Slogan: If you don ́t go you don ́t know!

Fanatic: What were your reasons to ride Fanatic?
Egan: I have been riding SUP in the surf for about seven years now and saw the racing scene getting bigger and bigger. My good friend Derek O’Neill was training with the crew at Roar Industries in Currumbin and I could see he was enjoying it. So I joined in and started training with them and got hooked straight away. SUP Racing, Downwinders and SUP training in general is the best I have ever done for my Shortboard surfing- I really wish this was around when I was doing the ASP World Tour. This gains in so many different areas for surfing and you don ́t need any other cross training. We are seeing a lot of pro surfers taking advantage from SUP.

Photo: Pieter Plooy

Photo: Pieter Plooy

Fanatic: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into SUP and surfing.
Egan: My father has been shaping surfboards for fifty years, so all my life I ́ve been in surfboard factories and surf shops. I was surfing from when I was around eight years old, I loved surfing and as a teenager nothing else mattered but surfing. Once I had to think about a job or career, I knew if I wanted to be in the water full time and worked hard to become a pro surfer. The rest is history, twenty-two years on the ASP World Tour and still passionate about surfing as the day I started.
I started to SUP around seven or eight years ago, Brian Keaulana gave me a SUP paddle in Tahiti and explained how it works. I went home and taught myself on a twelve foot Tandem board my dad had shaped. Brian came over to Australia with some boards a few months later, he had worked on the design and the boards were for sure more surfable than the old Tandem. I bought a board off Brian and Todd Bradley, they gave me some more tips and I’ve been hooked to SUP ever since.

I am loving the design process in boards. I started working with JS Industries (my short board shaper) on SUP design, combining the knowledge from working so long on my short boards for competing. This taught me a lot about SUP design and I enjoy working on the designs as they evolve.

Did you get a chance to try any of our gear yet?
I like all raceboards, but my favorite is the 14 ́0 Falcon for downwinding any of the ProWave’s are really good as well.
Are you planning to do any SUP or Surfing events with Fanatic boards?
I am going to try and do a few surfing and racing events when I can around my work with Billabong event directing and coaching key athletes on their team.
Your video Magic Carpet Boards is still a reference, are you working on anything similar in the future?
It would be great to film some more surfing on SUP boards, would love to go away on a trip with some of my new Fanatic team mates to put some clips together.

Photo: Pieter Plooy

Photo: Pieter Plooy

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  • steve

    good to see,i wish i could design a few boards me and my mate are full on sup riding in wgtn nz and so hard to get right gear and learn more because its so new here and noone knows anything,especially the guys selling them!

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