Paddle More, Wear Less: A Salute to Summer and Suits

Summer brings people a sense of freedom. The days are longer, the sun is shining and the water has finally warmed. Wetsuits, booties and hoods disappear back into the dark depths of the garage and the smell of sunscreen fills the air. The focus has turned from bundling up and keeping warm in the frigid cold, to wearing as little as possible and staying cool in the unrelenting heat. All you really want is to paddle more and wear less. So, when the staff at was planning our Summer Issue, we thought it only appropriate to give a proper salute to summer—and the swimsuits that will take you from the beach onto the board. Here’s a look behind the scenes of the 2013 Swimsuit Feature. —Shari Coble

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  • JJS

    Good job with the introduction article, Shari Coble. The photos and the videos are good too.

  • demi b

    i can’t see any pics why?


  • Roy

    need some women with something to show these women have no curves the suits look better on mannequins

  • Kaylee

    Figures a guy would say these beautiful women have no curves. Are you kidding. Just because they are real women not nip tuck. They are naturally beautiful and have amazing curves. Where are you looking? Oh I can guess.

  • Dote

    you won’t hit em doe

  • Mark

    I could be wrong, Kaylee, but I think Roy’s comment may have been along the lines that the women – yes, very beautiful – are thinner than the average woman who would bring more “curves” the suits. I’m not sure he was suggesting that they were lacking specific enhancements. I could be wrong, but that’s how I took it.

  • tincan sailor 1

    beautiful day, beautiful ocean, beautiful women!!!! stick it in your ear roy!!

  • Pilgrim

    The photography must be gay… bite marks on any of them. :(

  • esolesek

    pretty boring models honestly. Hot but boring

  • Camel Hump

    Roy, you went and done it boy. Why did you have to go and get the lesbian mad at you?

  • Rocky

    I love the music. Does anyone know the name of that tune or where to find it??? Oh yea the girls are fantastic also.

  • Oralion

    To all of the guys that “analyze
    the situation”. Stop using your brain and start using your senses. Enjoy
    the perfection and the beauty of these cuties. Unfortunately watching this clip
    allows me using only my sense of vision.
    I wish I could add to that the touching and tasting senses.

  • whitehawk66

    Pretty girls.

    Somehow though, I doubt they paddleboard as their musculature betrays doing nothing more than looking pretty.

  • Boyz

    I love the music too

  • Larry James Hanshew

    Hey Roy, think they need me to spank them ?…..LMFAO

  • Bippy

    I’ve seen man boobs bigger than hers. Why wear a top at all?

  • Carly

    yawn….the models are all just that-pretty yet there is no fun and energy in the photo shoot-its like they are being told to stand over there and hold that board and look pretty and don’t forget to switch your pose….Yawn….

    I would like to see” real ” personality-curves and strength and women who know and live the sport-that would make an inspirational video

  • HALO101st

    Now there is some fine cuisine.

  • mjmp

    I had to watch it twice because the 1st time I forgot to look at the swimsuits.

  • fuz

    It wasn’t billed as an Olympic training video … it said summer and suits …

  • Dawglips

    they need some meat on their bones, ok if they just left a concentration camp

  • DLW

    Absolutely stupid comment. That’s the way women are SUPPOSED to look. Well, for the most part. Some of them are rather too chunky in places.

  • Yvette Ugalde

    These women work out, they’re not flabby and most of us don’t get that muscle tone that they have naturally. They’re thin, but still have curves. They don’t look frail at all, but rather healthy.

  • GNN60SEC

    I don’t think they work out more like STARVE themselves that’s why you don’t see any flab as you so eloquently put it.

  • tomaf

    I guess you prefer them fat hillbilly women. Honey boo boo’s mama better watch out for you. ;-P

  • Anakalia

    I could show some curves strength muscle and fun on SUP…mahalo for the video suit are great but not a true testament to the girls on boards we need power to move these beasts…peace Anakalia SUP

  • Anakalia

    These women are models they are beautiful but don’t work out. They model the suits the way suits are meant to be modeled…we can model the boards in tandom with the way they too are meant to be modeled…

  • Yvette Ugalde

    I would love to see you just starve yourself and look half this good. I’ve been in the fashion industry my whole life, please, educate yourself, models work out almost every day.

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