The River Life: Brittany Parker and Tehani Gangini

TRL: Brittany Parker and Tehani Gangini

This summer, SUP magazine organized a Main Salmon River trip in Idaho with Middle Fork River Expeditions. Last week, we released our first video in our “River Life” series with Mike Tavares. With some of the sport’s best athletes signed on, we used the expedition as an opportunity to examine the state of whitewater SUP–from the paddlers to the competition to the cultural blender, as ocean and mountain culture collide on the rio. Check out the feature in the upcoming Winter Issue, on newsstands the first of December.

This segment of “The River Life,” features Colorado’s Brittany Parker and Maui’s Tehani Gangini. In the next few weeks, look for more segments of this SUP magazine original series.

Look for more river scenes in Brent Deal’s new movie H2Mexico, to be release in April of 2014.


  • Ian Smith

    Awesome vid guys!

  • Natali Zollinger

    This is a great video on the reality of SUP’ing the river in the intermountain west. You enter the tongue of a rapid, all is well, you get super stoked that you’re up, then the tailwaves will slam you down a few times but you swim you smile and you get right back up. It’s definitely not an easy sport, but it is really inspiring to see women out there pushing the boundaries everyday! I am a river guide and but am getting more into SUP’ing and just went down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Talk about a humbling trip..I came out if that trip with wanting more! If SUP THE MAG, ever wants any more women on their river trips who can row and sup, I’d love to be considered! Cheers!
    Natali Zollinger
    Nautilus SUP

  • Chet

    Oh my, what would Lewis & Clark think? :)

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