SUP Mag’s Video Contest Winner

In early May, ran a Facebook video contest where entrants were judged by comments and “likes” on our page. The winner? Will Phillips, who swears this was his first crack at film making. Shot somewhere in San Diego County, Phillips catches absolutely pristine So. Cal. conditions on camera. He took home a set of SeasonFive Barrier top and bottoms for his effort. Stay tuned for more ways to win at

GoPro SUP 3 from Will Phillips on Vimeo.

  • Jon

    great vid-Tamarack?-somewhere in Cbad?-one guy with a trucker hat on looked like Jeff Warner with Legends Surf.

  • Will

    Not the Rack and not C-Bad! As for the guy in the trucker hat, that is Adan Spahn.

  • car gauges

    I added a backlink back to your blog..I hope you don’t mind?

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