How To SUP: SUP Yoga Shoulder Openers

Elite standup paddler Gillian Gibree, along with her SUP yoga business, Paddle into Fitness, continue the series of SUP yoga videos on to give you tips to get in touch with your inner yogi. In this installment, Paddle into Fitness shares a backbend pose that focuses on opening the shoulders. The shoulder opener is an easy pose that can be performed pre- and post-paddle to help you loosen up.

  • dfaf

    Focus on SUP. Not Yoga on a board.

    This is surfing, and not some yuppie fad with spandex and a hand stand.

  • Fred

    Why do you care about how other people enjoy their boards? It doesn’t stop you from surfing. Obviously, you have a negative, unhealthy ego attachment to whatever form you practice.

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