Give Us a “Like,” Win a Free Board

Can you see yourself on this Tahoe Zephyr, touring your favorite lake, pond or inlet? We love friends. Here’s three ways to win this sleek ride:

Become a fan of supthemag and tag yourself in the Zephyr photo, “like,” the pic or leave a comment. If you’re already a fan, simply tag yourself, “like” the photo or comment for a chance to win. The winner will be drawn at random June 6th and and the sparkly new toy lands on said winner’s doorstep soon after! That super-fan will also be announced here at

Good Luck !

  • Cindy Gomes

    I would love to win a Stand Up Paddleboard, i started paddling with my daughter for a local canoe club but i also have hula which made me have to choose. (finances play a part too) So i support just my daughter who loves it and i would love to do S.U.P. on the weekends so i can at least be in the water too. :) Thanks!

  • http://ortegakid derek mckesson

    Wifey would love this, she is a great kayaker!

  • Amy Crockett

    I live on the water in sunny Floida and see people stand up paddling all the time. I tried it once and had a great time, and would love to have one of my own. I want to win a SUP so I can be a part of the newest sport craze.

  • Joe mcquaid

    I read the mag cover to cover, I’ve been to my local b and n 5 times in the last month I am addicted to paddle boarding and need to get my wife addicted. A new board will help and since money docent grow on trees a free one would be cool

  • Mel Greiser

    Love the mag, especially the skills section! Got hooked on a recent trip to Hawaii and have found it is a great and fun workout.

  • rosa

    yup…. liiike it

  • Angela

    Love SUP, just learned this year and I am hooked, my kids are hooked too, a new board would be perfect!

  • Shari

    John and I would both love to have a new SUP, if we win this one, then we would only have to buy one matching one :) So we can get outside, travel around, meet new friends, enjoy the paradise we live in, appreciate our environment, all while having the time of our lives!

  • SusieQ

    I tried this sport and LOVE IT! Totally want to continue, so please help me and PICK ME! Give my wallet a break from rentals and keep me afloat.

  • Thomas Betts

    Went to Turkey last year and had a go on one. They are such much fun so please pick me and complete me it will be my dream.
    Age 12

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