Oahu’s SUP Ban Proposal Withdrawn

Photo: Ryan Foley

Photo: Ryan Foley

Oahu’s SUP Ban Proposal Withdrawn

Eighty-plus people showed up to discuss the possibility of a partial ban on SUP surfers in Honolulu lineups at a Hawaiian state Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) meeting last night. The proposed ban was officially withdrawn during the meeting.

Surfer and lawyer Timothy MacMasters brought the proposal forward for the DLNR’s consideration because he believed SUPs caused danger in lineups as well as standup paddlers catching more than their fair share of waves. The initiative would have banned standup paddlers from three surf spots between Ala Moana Harbor and Kewalo Basin from 3-9 p.m. on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

According to local news station KITV, there was lively discussion from both surfers and standup paddlers on the issue, but because no consensus could be reached the DLNR cannot put a rule in place. Noted standup paddlers such as Mo Freitas, Kala Alexander and Alika Willis were in attendance.

MacMasters has since changed his website to address the happenings at the meeting.

“Congratulations to the opponents of the Safe Surf Pilot Project!!!” he wrote. “You were gracious in your victory.”

He went on to say that we need to be better about sharing waves. We can support that.

According to KITV, there would have been more people in attendance but there was a south swell on the rise. Hopefully standup paddlers and surfers were sharing waves.

Watch the video here.

For our take on the subject, click here.


  • Jake

    Victory! Now go surf pono. Follow the unwritten rules. If you don’t know them, learn them. Share. Show respect and gently educate the newbies both prone and SUP .

  • Jim Hayes

    Actually the proposal was withdrawn on Tuesday before the meeting. Many were informed that the it was a non-issue at this point. Knowing the idiocy had been dealt with, the focus shifted to washing off the stink. Just happened to be a swell running.

    So what was the take away………Hawaii’s surf will not be regulated by government, show mutual respect to all water users, be aware and share!

  • scotty

    If you wasn’t at the meeting first hand, you shouldn’t be writing or reporting on it. You are miss leading the public on the issue at hand and thats not “PONO”! I was there and you are taking bits and pieces of info here and there and putting together which makes it NOT the TRUTH!

  • Jim Hayes

    ……or at the very least get the facts from someone that was there. There were many of us that put a whole lot of time, energy and effort into responding to this nonsense. As your readers, we’d like to know that your writers would do the same. Mahalo Nui Loa

  • Daryl Yuuki

    So sad your magazine can’t get the story right, the request for the ban was pulled back by Mac Master himself due to lack of supporters and stats.

  • Bruce Lum

    The main messages heard by DLNR & Mac Masters was,
    1. “no government regulations are needed at Hawaii’s surf zones now or ever.”
    2. Surf @ a surf spot that matches your ability; don’t get in over your head
    3. An informal data gathering at the Ala Moana surf zones demonstrated that sharing of waves was happening; the number of times each surfer group caught waves was proportional to the number of surfers in each group i.e. SUP vs others.
    4. Wave hogging does happen, but it’s not rampant and it doesn’t go unchecked.
    5. Each surf spot manages its self well enough and it’s been the norm for ages.

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