Blast from the Past: The 14 Days Indo Photo Gallery

We know, our Indo coverage is probably old news now. But SUP magazine had so much fun covering seven of the best standup paddlers in the world this spring during the release of the movie, H2Indo, that we wanted to release a full gallery from the SUP magazine Mentawais boat trip.

Over a year ago now, Carberry, along with Chuck Patterson, Talia Gangini, Jamie Mitchell, Dave Kalama, Connor Baxter, Dave Boehne, Slater Trout and filmmaker Brent Deal embarked on a 14-day boat trip to find surf in Indonesia. The result was a full feature in the Fall 2011 issue of SUP magazine, the Indo Chronicles series at and the release of H2Indo, the movie. So, to wrap it all up a year and a half later with a big red bow, here’s a fantastic photo gallery of the leftovers from SUP magazine photographic advisor Jason Kenworthy and SUP mag photographer Kevin Voegtlin. Enjoy!

Click here, to read the no-holds-barred account of this epic voyage in the SUP mag back issues on iTunes.