From the Mag: Anatomy of a Huck with Dan Gavere

Dan Gavere has been pushing the whitewater envelope for decades now. Why should it be any different on an SUP? This Fall, Gavere and fellow whitewater SUP guru Taylor Robertson charged Celestial Falls, a Northwest classic that has been run by kayakers for years. A shot from this session of Gavere in perfect form made it into the Frames section of SUP magazine’s winter issue.

Hit expand below, and listen to Gavere explain this Charlie Munsey photo sequence and running the waterfall, stroke by stroke. He also addresses why he and others are pushing the whitewater envelope in this Anatomy of a Huck.

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  • Terri Plunkett

    I really enjoyed this audiovisual piece!

  • Ian Smith

    Nice work Dan, there is definitely a difference between those trying to stick it and those going for hero shots. Intention sets the stage for everything in life.

  • Mike Harvey

    Super cool feature with the music and narration. Really interesting to here Dan’s thoughts.

  • Charlie MacArthur

    Way to adjust for the wave on the take off Dan. You will stick that falls one day!

  • Dan Gavere

    Great comments and I appreciate them. A huge shout out goes to Charlie Munsey our photographer and of course Taylor Robertson who deserves as much credit as I do. He in fact ran it first with Zero hesitation and stayed on his board just as long maybe even a little further down because he was riding a board that is under 30 inches wide! Respect!

  • Andrew Yeager

    Thanks for sharing this adventure Dan. Be careful mate! We want you around this sport for years to come. BTW, appreciate you coming out to the Great Lakes for some race events last year. I had fun talking with you.

  • Rebekka Stone

    Nice presentation with the slides and narration working independently of each other. I liked being able to go back and forth in the series as Dan walked us through his thoughts. Great piece! Thanks Dan, Taylor, Charlie and SUPtheMag for sharing!!

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  • Troff

    I mean, really, what was the point? Zero hesitation + big fall = respect? I manage risk for a living flying jet airliners. Avoid, trap, mitigate is the way to a long and prosperous career. Anyone who knows how waterfalls are made and how they erode would register that this was a purly stupid move with a lucky result. Carry on. We’ll read the premature obit here sometime soon.

  • bunnylebowsk1

    i live close to celestial falls on the white river in oregon. it is a tall falls but most class V whitewater kayakers here have paddled this drop (successfully) including myself, a 120 lb SUP and kayaking female. i also know of many people/kids who have paddled this drop on inflatable alligators, etc. for an airline pilot i am surprised at your comment and politely suggest you grow a pair. at least with people with an attitude like yours in our sport i won’t have to worry about overcrowded river eddies or surf breaks anytime soon. enjoy your flatwater.

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