Industry News: Davenport Paddle Surf Contest

Davenport is a legendary break about 20 minutes north of Santa Cruz. In previous years of the contest, we’ve had waves range from small to scary big, and this years late fall date means we should have a very good chance of getting memorable waves.
This contest is part of the Pacific Paddle Surf Series. This point series contest rewards competitors that do well at the 5 major west coast paddle surf events, with recognition in SUP, Kayak, and waveski.

When: November 10-11 2012, 7 am
Where: Davenport Landing

Registration closes Nov. 4th, but some categories will sell out, so don’t delay. All paddle-powered surf craft welcome.
Categories: (enter more than one!)
HP Kayak
IC Kayak
Women’s Kayak
Women’s SUP

If it’s a surf craft, powered by a paddle, it counts. SUPs, kayaks and waveskis will all battle to be KING OF THE WAVE.

Prizes include:
Carbon fiber paddles, SUP gear, surf kayak fins and more. All competitors get a great contest at a great site as well as an awesome meal and party.

A special prize will be awarded to the highest ranked first time competitor in each category. Meaning, if this is your first paddle surf contest, then you qualify for a chance at a special prize. If interested in a strategy and coaching review, it’s available Friday night. Email Geoff.

All competitors MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE. Registration closes November 6th at midnight. No refunds if you drop out or don’t show up.

For more info, visit:
Click here for more about the Pacific Paddle Series.