Schweitzer Wins Standup World Series’ Finland Stop

Schweitzer Wins World Series’ Finland Stop

Zane Schweitzer is on a winning streak. This weekend he took the third stop of the Standup World Series‘ European Cup, the Sieravuori SUP Masters. With a win in the Long Distance and a second place to Leonard Nika in the sprints, Schweitzer continued his impressive string of victories. The win in Finland gives Schweitzer a perfect record in the Standup World Series’ European Cup, as he’s posted winning results from the first two stops in Spain and France over the past month. With only five events in the European Cup series, and Schweitzer’s strong lead, it’s looking like he may take the title.

Stay tuned as the racing heads to Germany for Stop 4 of the European Cup and Stop 3 on the 2014 Standup World Series.

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