The SUP 11-City Tour: Windmills and Waterways

Each year as summer begins to wind down, SUP brings excitement to Holland’s northern province of Friesland with the SUP 11-City Tour. The fifth annual SUP 11-City Tour is currently underway, with three days remaining in the five-day, 220km race.

Modeled after Skating’s largest tour, the Eleven Cities Tour, paddlers race the same waterways skaters compete on when temperatures drop below zero. Competitors make stops at checkpoints each day, with rest stops available in-between the checkpoints. Each day racers paddle 30 – 45km, receiving stamps at each checkpoint to track rankings.

Paddlers took off from Leeuwarden Wednesday, September 4, paddling 45km south to Sloten for the first checkpoint, then paddling 42km to Workum on Day Two. Check out the tour stops and results from the first two days:

Day 1: Leeuwarden – Sloten, 45 km
Day 2: Sloten – Workum, 42 km
Day 3: Workum – Franeker, 43 km
Day 4: Franeker – Dokkum, 45km
Day 5: Dokkum – Leeuwarden, 30km

Click here for overall results from Day 1.
Click here for overall results from Day 2.

Photos courtesy of @SUP11CityTour/Mayola

Stay tuned for updates as we follow the SUP 11-City Tour.