Brennan Rose


Maui, Hawaii


ROGUE, Maui Jim, Reboot, Futures Fins, Watermans Applied Science, Alpine Stars


• 2013 Hennessy’s Elite Pro Surf Race, 1st Place
• 2013 Orange Bowl Championships, 3rd Place
• 2013 Santa Monica Pier Festival, 3rd Place
• 2013 US SUP Tour, 3rd Place Surf


“Stand up paddling has meant the world to me. I’ve meet more amazing people and families in this sport then any other sport in my life. It’s giving me a healthier lifestyle and allowed me to travel with my best friends. Most importantly, it’s helped me make people around the world healthier, active and happier.”

  • Celia Youcannotstopme Roberts

    Brennan Rose is confident and determined athlete. It has been incredible watching his progression over the years. Genuine and filled with real aloha, I think it is obvious here in our community that his goals are not self centered. I would love to see him get the nessicery support to make the level in the SUP community knowing it would benefit Brennan and others.

  • Alex Mason

    Yeaah Brennan! 2013 male paddler of the year! Keep killin it.

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