Chuck Patterson



San Clemente, Calif., Maui, Hawaii


Naish, Kialoa, GoPro


• 2013 SUP Trophy Cup, Pelszerhaken, Germany, 2nd Place 12’6
• 2013 Lake Motsu Paddle Challenge, Fuji, Japan, 1st Overall
• Naish Team Manager


“The sport of standup paddling is a combination of all the sports I grew up competing in, the people I looked up to and learned from and the Aloha Vibe and blessed lifestyle it has provided me. From day one, Stand up paddling became an addiction, promoting more water time and inspiring my love for the Ocean, rivers and lakes as well as the environment. I’m honored to be a SUP ambassador, traveling the world and sharing the stoke.”

  • Paul

    Aloha Chuck,
    I hope you win, I have a photo of you on a nice wave and put it on one of my Maui Shaped Plates for a sample look. You look great on the plate.

  • Paul

    When I come to San Diego I spend time with my sister in San Clemente. Red and Kelly Oconnell are my nephews. I just wanted to say Hi.

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