Movie of the Year

The SUP Movie

From the award winning director, Johnny Decesare and Poor Boyz Productions comes a progressive film that will change the way you will think about stand up paddling. Follow Kai Lenny and the best stand-up paddlers paired with leading action sports cinematographers as they travel around the globe chasing the world’s most perfect waves as well as capturing unique perspectives from all facets of this growing sport. The Poor Boyz team is proud to present the “The SUP Movie,” a documented progression that will change the sport forever, leading it in a direction of radical turns, giant aerials, and massive barrels. Directors: Johnny Decesare, Kai Lenny, Co-Producers: Johnny Decesare, Jace Panebianco

Can I Surf That

Can I Surf That is an adventure sports film project created by a group of hungry female surfers and a creatively charged film crew fueled by our passion for these wild and wonderful rivers. Our obsession will soon become yours. You’ll live our adventure as we create new relationships with fellow surf advocates developing a new sense of global community through inland surfing. It’s our mission to introduce this underground sport to the world by adding a new twist to a common surf film theme; seeking the new and untouched while rediscovering the old. Director: Heather Jackson of Shrednest Productions, Co-Producers: Heather Jackson and Brittany Parker.

Plastic Tides

Two men. Two SUPs. Ten days. 240 miles. The Plastic Tides team launched on November 9th from Ithaca, NY with hopes to reach Albany via the Erie Canal. Just days into the expedition a winter storm warning became the infamous “Polar Vortex” that dumped punishing lake-effect snow on the Buffalo area and sent temperatures below freezing in all 50 states. The team battled freezing rain, brutal temperatures, and heavy snow on their journey through the heart of Central New York.

Why? To raise awareness of plastic microbeads in cosmetic products and to push for a statewide ban on these products. Log on to and use the promo code “supawards” to watch the film for half price. Director: Christian Shaw Producer: Gordon Middleton.