Augaitis and Crew Prepare for Salish Sea Crossing

Photo: Andrew Dye
Photo: Andrew Dye

Augaitis and Crew Prepare for Salish Sea Crossing

Preparations are in full swing as we get ready for the Stand Up for Men’s Health Expedition from Vancouver to Victoria, a 140km, 3-day paddle. There are 11 paddlers, along with a support crew, and we are heading out Thursday, June 12th at 5am.

I have been continuing on my training regime with lots of gym time, running, swimming, biking, and of course, a lot of paddling. The weather is looking a little wet with precipitation in the forecast. It's been stellar for the last week, but our luck is running out. One good thing is, the wind looks manageable. We will have to make sure we are prepared well for the rain and long days of potentially being very wet.

The purpose of the paddle is to support a new foundation in Canada, the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF). This is the kick off celebration to what will become an annual Canadian Men’s Health Week. The goal of the crossing is to inspire Canadian men to live ten healthier years through positive lifestyle choices, which is the mission of CMHF and its partners.

Photo: Jeremy Riggs
Photo: Jeremy Riggs

In partnership with CMHF "Champion" Simon Whitfield, and in conjunction with CMHF's first annual Canadian Men's Health Week, Olympic Champions, world class paddlers and accomplished adventurers dedicated to improving the health of men across Canada will "Stand Up For Men's Health."

I am very excited to be a part of this paddle expedition and cause. The paddlers involved are all amazing athletes, and ones who have strong community links through their successes, adventures, and work. I think it will be a great adventure (which I am always about) that is physically challenging, as well as uses and promotes the amazing beauty and environment we live in here in the Pacific Northwest. Staying fit and healthy can be accomplished in so many different ways, and it's great to find a challenge to inspire others to take the first step or continue to keep physically active in a fun and exciting way. —Lina Augaitis

The athletes:

Simon Whitfield
• Duff Gibson
• Yannick Michaud
Morgan Hoesterey
Lina Augaitis
• Markus Pukonen
• George Pisek
Jack Bark
Roch Frey
• Chad Guenter
Mike Darbyshire

Photo: Mike Darbyshire
Photo: Mike Darbyshire

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