Downwind Days

The wind is back DW’er. from DavidJohn on Vimeo.

Downwind Days

Catching a good downwind glide is one of the true joys of standup paddling. Apparently, the wind near Melbourne was absent for some time. It has now returned, much to the joy of Australian downwind guru David Peterson and his home-made POV camera mounts. How’s that side angle?

For more downwind action, click here.


  • illomark

    This could be a very stupid question, but here goes – on a long downwind ride, what arrangements would you make to get back to your starting point (where you might have your car, for example)? I’m guessing paddling back against the wind is not an option?

  • supthemag

    No stupid questions illomark! Usually you drop a car off at you end point before you start and then drive back to put in. It takes a little song and dance but it’s more than worth it.

  • Kimo

    do your homework before you go on a run you’ve never done before, or talk with others who have done it. Going with a partner is a must, drop a car at the put in, and take out points is automatic. Unless you got a downwind shuttle available like maui has!

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