Gerry Lopez on Laird Hamilton – the Video

Gerry Lopez on Laird Hamilton – the Video

For the Summer 2010 issue of SUP magazine, we were looking for a voice to give us a new perspective on the sport of standup paddling. We found that in the incomparable Gerry Lopez, who guest edited our publication with his own wise touch. As part of his editing duties, Lopez interviewed standup renaissance man Laird Hamilton in early May at a beach house in Malibu, Calif., just south of the legendary Point Dume surf break. With nearly a century of wave riding experience between them, these two iconoclasts examined what makes this growing sport so much fun.

For the full interview, check out SUP magazine, on newsstands now at REI, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Hastings and most paddle or surf shops near you.

  • paddle board

    What a fantastic interview and what a great idea getting these two guys together. I a going to pick up your new issue to get the rest of the interview.

  • Brittany Watson

    Regarding “Gerry Lopez Goes Inside the Mind of Laird Hamilton” (Summer 2010):

    It was so liberating to follow Laird’s take on surf-culture as it has progressed through the decades, especially for newly hooked stand up boarders like me. Few in the world can say they’ve sunk their toes in the same sand as the insane waterman that is Laird Hamilton; but far more can speak of the exhilarance and stoke that embodies the moment you stick your first wave.

    Free and fun. Laird hit it dead on. I’d say that this is enough to lure water-lovers up and down the coast in search of the peace and stillness that the ocean promises everyday from sunrise to sunset. Having recently embarked in the stand-up side of the hobby while vacationing in Kauai at Hanalei Bay, I know the amazing sense of power and belonging one feels towering above the turquoise, coral-laden sea. Yet, as surfing becomes more technological and competitive, it becomes more crucial that people are reminded of the passion that brought them into the water in the first place. Beautifully put, “surfing is the art of riding a wave”, an expression that each individual creates for themselves. It is something to never grow old of; the trusty fountain of youth.

    Whether you’ve made a name for yourself in Teahupoo or frequented your local spot in town, every participant shares a common passion towards nature and humanity…living life one wave at a time. How refreshing to discover that such a renowned icon could be so humble!

    Brittany Watson
    San Diego Native

  • David Pilla

    I’m just smiling… I certainly don’t know Gerry or Laird on any personal level, but it is so great to hear these folks talk about the pure stoke of having fun on the water. What a blessing and joy it is to simply be alive and have the opportunity to enjoy wave sliding on any level. Aloha…

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