Left Love: Robby Naish Goes Long at Pavones

Robby Naish recently set out on a Central American mission to find, and ride, the world’s longest wave. In the action sports world, as in life, the more you set yourself up for success, the easier it is to ride to glory. And that’s just what Naish did, catching a macking swell at Pavones in Costa Rica, a Pacific coast gem often called the longest left in the world. Here, Naish gives credence to that tagline.

  • Jon Kinley

    i dont even know what to say-for one that is not as easy as Robby makes it look-i got tired sitting in my office chair watching!-i guess you could say that is pretty much my SUP fantasy on video-unreal! Zancudo Lodge should put that on their promo-i know i am sold!

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  • http://www.ventanawindsports.com esteban

    WOW thats a nice ride!
    question: is this longer than the left at Chicama, Peru which i thought was the worlds longest left???

  • http://web.me.com/sunstar4/Sunstar%21%21/1.html sun

    I remember a wave like the (a right) inn Matachen Bay state of nayarit near san blas Mexico.
    you could ride it over a mile

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