Made in Taiwan: Dave Boehne

This spring, Candice Appleby, Dave Boehne, CD Kinley, Anthony Vela and Slater Trout went on a soul surfing adventure to the far east, exploring the exotic setups and culture of Taiwan. Check out the full photo essay in the Summer issue of SUP magazine, which hits newsstands June 12, 2012.

Until then, enjoy another exclusive travel series from, Made in Taiwan. Each week going forward, we’ll introduce another new video featuring one of the aforementioned adventurers. This week, we present Dave Boehne, who is helping to define the SUP surf movement.

SUP magazine would like to thank Matisyahu for supplying the soundtrack for this edition of Made in Taiwan. His new Album, Spark Seeker, drops July 17.

  • Kristin

    Blurr is always stylie … even when he wipes out.

    Nice nose rides & dancing with the locals! But I’m in pain watching the arm wrestling footage. (Is that the elbow wreck moment?).

    Agree with Slate “everyone should have a friend like Dave”.

    Great clip supthemag

  • Jon Kinley

    DB is a good soul, super funny and one heck of a ripper surfer. The Kinleys have been blessed to get to know the Boehnes the last year or so and we were stoked when he invited CD. Great article-great pics-great mag!

  • SUPtheWorld

    So stoked to have had Dave on this trip – he dug Taiwan! It’s a rad place for a SUP trip.

  • Jon Armn

    Dave just getting all steezy!!! Blurr always rips and keeps it cool……

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