Mystery Luchador Drops in on Malibu

File this in the, “What the Hell,” category: A mystery man sporting Luchador mask and Starboard rash guard dropped into pumping Malibu during last week’s south swell that blessed Southern California with solid surf. So, three questions? Who’s this masked man, El Clouto? Does video like this help or hurt the standup paddling cause when it comes to tranquility in the lineup? And, does anyone care?

Regardless of your responses, El Clouto makes for good viewing….Here’s the underground vid making the Internet rounds:

  • Jon

    Vamanos Muchachos!-everyone knows it’s Steamroller!-i say awesome-hes actually a super nice guy and a heck of a surfer-all those BU dudes can stick it!- i just dont care anymore if the longboarders and shorties hate us- i SUP where i want if i have the ability-dont mind some stinkeye or if someone tells me to beat it-most of the haters are cowards if you confront them back-like i said-if you have the stones or the ability-sup where u want-except Old Mans cuz the lifeguards will give you a ticket for a MISDEMEANOR and can TAKE YOUR BOARD! WTF!! are you serious?!-a Misdemeanor!!??

  • Distressed Mullet

    Friggin awesome…

    As far as hurting the tranquility of the lineup, that doesn’t look like it was the calmest lineup to begin with.. In fact, El Clouto does an amazing job of pointing out how crazy it is… It looks amazing, but not in the least bit tranquil…

    We have to embrace the cracked ones. They are the ones who let the light into the world.

  • wade lawson

    That’s Crazy George…not the Steamroller.

  • Jon

    Oops-sorry Wade-thought CG was Steamy!
    Oh well-great vid and article!

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