SUP America Tour: Holland, Michigan

In the latest video from the SUP America Tour, presented by Natural Vines, Morgan Hoesterey swings by The Outpost Of Holland, a shop near the shores of Lake Michigan, to talk about a Midwest paddling community where SUP surfing, racing, downwinding and winter paddling have taken off.

Click here for more on the SUP America Tour.
For more on The Outpost of Holland, visit the Facebook page.

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  • dayze

    And Al gore demands that we believe that there is global warming????!!! Remember that English Duke who showed in his college lecture where Al Gore in his movie, had made 14 different mistakes, altered the truth, and had outright lies (made up information).
    Recall when Al gore testified before the congress, when he was questioned on his research, he turned to the lady and said really hotly as he made a motion with his hand, “The sience on this is SET!”
    The closest thing to any science being set is Gravity and we may some day find that too is not set. ha ha

    Really makes America look silly to the rest of the world that we had him as one of our leaders. Unfortunately too many of our leaders have done that in recent history. It is as if they are all together planning the image destruction of this country.

  • chucklesinri

    Hahaha. Either Al Gore and thousands of other respected scientists are right, and we are dooming ourselves and our children and much of life on our planet. Or he is wrong. Which do you want to chance?

  • Seeker

    Ocean levels are rising.

  • d4of7

    and have been for 60000 years

  • Endeavor Morse

    Don’t show your ignorance.

  • Endeavor Morse

    You absolutely do not know what you are talking about. In the winter time in Michigan water freezes on the Great Lakes genius, especially when the waves break on the shoreline. We have 900 of the world’s top scientists warning us about climate change, and then there’s you. Gee, who should we believe? Loudmouths like you, or people who have spent their lives studying climate science? First of all, local weather and climate are two different things. Secondly, Al Gore spread the message, but the science is the work of thousands over the entire planet. Third, after “W” I don’t think you have any business talking about embarrasing leaders. Know nothing loudmouths like yourself are what’s wrong with this country. Either educate yourself with real world facts not taken from Faux News and the Neighborhood of Make Believe, or go ask your mommy to read you another fairy tale because you clearly have nothing of value to contribute to this discussion.

  • wookieedog

    so, people who get paid to say global warming, people who make movies and charge admission to make money, people involved in the global warming don’t have a vested interest in this? The reason you are writing climate change is because global warming has been proven false. SInce it has been proven false, it is time to change the name so every hurricane, typhoon, hot summer, cold winter, can be blamed on climate change. The liberal lemmings then follow along and never ask “Why aren’t they calling it global warming anymore”. Climate change happens naturally. Its called summer and winter.

  • d4of7

    here’s a link for a fool like you… a forest 60,000 years old in fifty feet of water off the Southern U.S. coast.

    Who’s ignorant now fool?
    You’re a tool of politics.

  • d4of7

    after you view that link I sent you on the underwater forest from 50,000 years ago just recall in your own words, and I quote,

    “I fully believe faith has its place in society, but science and reason should never be trampled by ideology.”

  • Scientific Consensus

    Dayze is trolling. Seriously, no one would put themselves out there like this, even anonymously just to sound like an uninformed ignoramus. Or maybe schizophrenic. Look at the syntax, it’s word salad. There are no facts backing up the claims and when you can’t be heard because you don’t have facts, people tend to get frustrated and yell…or troll. Not sure which.

  • American Patriot

    Climate change is being caused by Planet X agitating the Earth as it travels through our solar system. This very large object has an effect on our magnetic poles, our weather, and the Earth’s surface. This will all be over and back to normal in a year if we don’t get hit by an asteroid.

  • JCJ Bike

    There were 900 scientists who said we were going thru global COOLING in the 1970s. We have learned that scientists parrot others far too often. Some are lazy and don’t want to do the research themselves. Some don’t want to swim against the current as funding for them is the #1 priority so they jump on the bandwagon. It’s pretty well documented that Gore filled in a lot of gaps with his own facts that have been challenged and not refuted.

    At the end of the day, if Al Gore believed what he was shoveling then why does he continue to fly a private jet? That’s like a diet guru eating pizza and twinkees all day long.

    BTW… Antarctica has more icecap than in the last 35 years.

  • WhyTF

    Thank you, Endeavor Morse, for eloquently arguing with ‘dayze.’ What an appropriate moniker. I’m so glad he picked English royalty for his alternate view. Stupid toadying likes nothing better than absolutism.

  • Wade


  • d4of7

    Wade your my Hero. ” be respectful of the planet” YESSSS!

    By the way, the 60 feet of water that forest is in, scientists expected that to be 120 feet deep by this age, so the rising of the elevation is already accounted for.

  • View_From_Here

    Sharks are made up of cartilage. Shark teeth have been found (Megaladon), but never any bones.

  • Hey Mr Fantasy

    What makes you think those scientists are incorruptible? Do you HONESTLY think they are any more honest and moral than priests or other religious leaders? “Science” is your religion and you are every bit as gullible and easily led as any of the religious people your kind are always mocking. Do you even know who funds these studies? Is it so beyond the realm of possibility that scientists will find the data they are instructed to find, or else they don’t get any more grants? If Al Gore, a slimy political scumbag if there ever was one, is championing something, then that right there should set off alarm bells and have anyone of ANY moderate intellect asking who profits from this. Like ANY politician, R or D, gives two sh*ts about you, the environment, or anything else that isn’t money or power. The very idea is a fairy tale!

    Another thing I don’t understand is why you are so nasty, rude and ugly about a dissenting opinion. If you are so assured of your moral and intellectual superiority, why do you need the nastiness? Do you really believe the illusion that is right vs left? Do you honestly believe that one corporate mouthpiece (aka “news” outlet) is more objective than another? No wonder the politicians and “leaders” are running this country into the ground if it’s citizens are busy attacking each other instead of the REAL enemies. Good God, WAKE UP! We are supposed to be adults and this is how we act? Shameful.

  • Hey Mr Fantasy

    So…what exactly are we supposed to do about it? If you want to start somewhere, talk to China about their brand new coal power plants that come online every ten days or so. Of course they don’t have the “carbon scrubbers” or anything like that, they don’t waste time with that foolishness and never will. India is another heavy polluter, but nobody is asking those countries to clean up their acts! Why do we have to do all this crap while others get to pollute more, and worse??

  • Hey Mr Fantasy

    Please, can we find another word? “Ignorant” is so played out and tired, it’s the new “racist”. I thought you global warming believers were supposed to be so smart and superior, but those seem to be the only words you know!

  • Hey Mr Fantasy

    Good to know that you’re spreading knowledge and really selling this to people with kindness instead of name calling and insults! Oh wait….but don’t despair, I’m sure people will flock to your cause of righteousness if only you insult them enough!

  • albert

    there are also thousands of scientists confirming global warming on Mars and Venus and Mercury..lots of factories, SUV’s and carbon pollution there too? I agree we should take care of our planet..but why not concentrate on the real pollutants..plastics, and all the toxic waste dumped in our oceans.. CO2 is a vital ingredient needed for photosynthesis and to make glucose and starches in the dark cycle of is not a pollutant..Without it life on our planet would come to a halt. The sun is the major cause of global warming…and NASA gives a 7% chance a major EMP (electro magnetic pulse) generated from a major solar flare could hot the earth and fry major power grids around the the solar flare did in the 1990’s in Quebec and knocked out power to most of that province… The EMP would travel 93 million miles in 90 seconds and melt satellites circling the talk about global warming!!!
    by the way if Al Gore truly believed oceans would rise..why would he purchase a $1 million + home at sea level in the San Francisco area?

  • squatty

    this is a commercial

  • David Seastrom

    I warning tourist right now not to go to Holland Michigan. Go more north to North Muskegon or Whitehall to see Lake Michigan. Or you can go more north to Manistee, Ludington, Traverse City, or Charlavoix. Holland is a mistake and if you’ve ever been there you know why I’m warning people.

  • daviedave

    Then why change the name from Global Warming to Climate change? The Dumbocrats are much better at tell a lie often and loud enough and it becomes truth.

  • taxhog

    so you think there is global warming? come to my arizona home and go sledding by october. better yet why don’t you come in august and get pelted by the hail storms i’ve been getting for the last 3 years. i live near kingman .. you know the desert area.. stop trying rip people off with your lying fear mongering… or i’ll join those 30,000 scientists that are suing al gore.

  • Nancy

    Not sure why you don’t like Holland. Why not just state what you don’t like instead of a mysterious warning? It’s a great community with a wonderful downtown, several beautiful beaches, lots of parks and friendly people.

  • David Seastrom

    People go to the beach to be liberated. However Holland is a hardcore conservative town. The police have a motto in Holland and Ottawa county “come on vacation leave on probation.” The beach is disgusting and better beaches are up north. There is nothing beautiful about Holland other than your police department destroys lives. People are not friendly they are stuck up and don’t care about the minority population. Your such bible thumpers that you call anyone of color a gang. Your ignorant and stupid if you go to Holland Michigan. Go more north and you will find a better way and people. People are not friendly in Holland like Nancy describes.

  • David Seastrom

    It’s a propaganda lie.

  • David Seastrom

    BTW I’m white and I’m saying this.

  • David Seastrom

    Holland Beach sucks.

  • squatty

    and so are my penis levels

  • David Seastrom

    This page is propaganda for Holland Michigan. You don’t want to go to Holland. They hate minorities and if you look at someone crossed eyed they will throw you in jail and throw the book at you. Stay away from Holland Michigan tourists, this is your warning.

  • David Seastrom

    Holland if full of raciest and child rapists. Go ahead and bring your kids.

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