The Devil’s Playground

Downwinding is one of the more intense things you can do on a standup. When you’re in the open ocean conditions can change in an instant, and often do. You could be enjoying a wonderful straight downwinder and the wind can suddenly swing straight offshore, leaving you to struggle back to land. Storms can erupt. Your paddle can break. You have to be prepared for all of the above and more.

It’s winter in Australia and the weather is acting accordingly. In southern Australia, near Melbourne, that means a few months of wind. In this video, we see some Melbourne locals harnessing serious wind in serious weather. Thanks to a homemade camera mount consisting of duct tape, a tripod and some PVC we get a good angle on just how big the bumps were. You know it’s windy when the bumps catch you (check out 3:23). At the end of this run, the group had to knee paddle to make the take out marina and not get blown 20 miles further down the coast. They all arrived safely. Be careful out there.

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  • Dave

    Melbourne’s in Victoria, would have been a heck of a gale if you ended up in South Asutralia.

  • Jeff Burton

    David John is the man. He has some of the best SUP downwinder videos on the Web.

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  • danyel

    Sick video, i will first develop more skills before i try downwind. The Northsea can be seriously dangerous and cold….

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