The Rides We Love: The Rio Alseseca

Welcome back to the Rides We Love, SUPthemag’s tribute to the best rides in standup paddling, whether surfing, running rivers, catching downwind bump or generally, going big.

This week’s Ride features Erik Boomer on Vera Cruz, Mexico’s Rio Alseseca. He may not have stuck this landing (or come anywhere close), but we give him props for putting his head down and hucking.

The footage comes thanks to Anson Fogel and Skip Armstrong who recently put out this gem-of-a-short film, Cascada, where Boomer’s footage was featured.

Click here to watch last week’s featured ride.

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  • Natasha Dee

    what was the point of that? it would have been cool if he just jumped off the water fall.

  • Kona

    No shit. Not sure what award he was going for.

  • Dave

    Stupidest thing I have ever seen!!!!

  • Caesar

    Darwin award.

  • billy wilborn

    that was totally a bad ass ride. just missed that big rock at bottom.

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