The Wednesday Voice: Standup For The Cure

This week on the Wednesday Voice, SUP magazine drops in on the Standup for the Cure event, which last weekend raised more than $100,000 for breast cancer research. Apart from being a great cause, Standup for the Cure also brought standup paddling to a much broader audience in a fun, laid-back event, attracting new paddlers to the sport.

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  • Cindy Meadors Rutledge

    I have nothing against Breast Cancer but there many other cancers that need promotion also!!!! Colon cancer, melanoma, bone cancer, ovarian cancer justt to name a few that have also cost many lives!!!

  • Super

    More importantly, how about “prevention”…there is hardly any talk regarding this nor money going towards this…check out oral contraceptives, abortions, municipal water, bottled water, processed foods, all ingested…but huge mega coporrations and trillions of dollars to lose if researches but uncovered the surface of the side effects and proof of these to cause cancers!!! There is a price to pay for using these…cover ups always come to the surface in more ways than one.

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