Wednesday Voice: Clark Family Travels

This week on the Wednesday Voice, SUP mag friend and filmmaker Brent Deal follows the Clark Family as they explore Costa Rica. The Clark’s were profiled in the magazine’s 2012 spring issue and have truly made standup paddling a lifestyle choice. Deal films the family during a stay with Experience Nosara as the clan shows why standup is such a popular sport: the whole family can enjoy it together because it can be applied in so many different places and experience is less important than simply having a good time.

This originally ran in our Spring 2012 issue.

For more on the Clark family, click here.

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  • Terri

    I love the Clark family! Costa Rica looks so beautiful!!

  • Bill Gipson

    I lived and worked in California when I was returning from Vietnam 2nd hitch there. I was at Camp Pendleton Calif. I met my wife at a base party located in Santa Barbra Calif approximately 150 miles North of Pendleton etc. I also had a old friend who lived in Los Angles etc. I began to travel and live in many locations like Anaheim, and Santa Ana Fulerton Calif and I worked in various locations as a security guard etc. Three dog night festival and I married in Vegas but my wife was from OJAI CALIFORNIA.I was interested in just the State it was so big and huge, plenty of beaches on the coast and lots of surfing.San Clementy President Regan lived around their and many other famous people but more singers and groups were from out side of Los Angles etc.I worked for Coca Cola as a beginner setting up stores and driving trucks to various locations and leaving many cases and placing them on display. You ever go out there you will find it breath taking. People are real niceand friendly? That was of course 40 years ago and things have changed. The sims video and clark video brings back memories of the beaches and the styles of life. I share my condolences and sincere respect for a legendary man who created surf boarding and briwater to surfing in the snow or on the special made boards with wheels and changing the complete style to mountain sides and hills bringing surfing to many areas and making it a sport land and sea. Sims was a visionairy .

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