Top Expedition

The Big Island to Kauai

Talk about a hardguy. In June, Maui's Bart de Zwart completed "The Ultimate Challenge," standup paddling 300 miles from the Big Island to Kauai. Solo, non-stop, unsupported. During five days and nights de Zwart fought sunburn, cuts from paddling and motion sickness, spending lonely nights on his board, using an inflatable air mattress for comfort and outriggers for stability.

Down the Mississippi

Kids these days. By June 1, 2011, twenty-one year old Minnesotan, Alex Linnell, had already paddled over 800 miles of the 2,350-mile long Mississippi River. Linnell is trying to become the first person to paddle the river's entire length and break the world record for longest SUP journey, set by Tom Jones in 2010 when he paddled 1,507 miles from Key West to NYC in the summer of 2010. He estimates he'll arrive at the Gulf of Mexico in mid- to late-August. Follow his progress.

The Lower Zam

The best way to see Africa's interior is down her rivers. That's what Connor Baxter, Bart de Zwart and Margareta Engstrom sat out to do when they paddled four days on the Lower Zambezi, dodging crocs, hippos and elephants to paddle tk miles, camping on the river's edge each night with the help of a support boat. "We had a hippo suddenly sees us and run down to the water," Baxter says. "It jumps in and does a huge belly flop only meters away from the canoe."

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