Sean Yoro isn’t your average standup paddler. He’s not your average artist either. Or even your average conservationist, for that matter. Yoro combines these three disciplines to create something that is anything but average, something completely anomalous to its surroundings.

Using a paddleboard for his art studio, Yoro paints portraits of women in obscure places that provide an impactful environmental message. He first drew international attention to his work in the crumbling canals of New York, where he painted nude portraits at the waterline using a standup paddleboard to support him. For his latest project, Yoro teamed up with Camp4Collective and The North Face for an installment on Baffin Island, Nunavut, in which Yoro painted floating pieces of ice for a dramatic comment on climate change. Check out this behind the scenes video and follow up with our full digital feature on Yoro’s ice installment. It may just inspire you to get creative with your own SUP-suppported mission.