OK, 11 reasons. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

OK, 11 reasons. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

10 Reasons to Date a Paddler 

by Rebecca Parsons

It's a wide world out there and finding "the one" can be a daunting task for either sex. Be it coffee shop encounters or online dating apps, flickers of romance come and go. Our advice? Don't settle, and when it comes to dating criteria, paddler partners are high on our list. Here are ten reasons to date one. But hey, maybe we're just biased.

Eds note: Below we speak for the royal "she." In other words, ladies, these points go both ways. Except for the bikini one. Or maybe not…different strokes for different folks?

1. She loves to travel

You have an endless list of tropical destinations you plan to travel to someday. So does she. And she's more than willing to lug a board bag through the airport, board a red-eye (because it's cheaper), and sleep in a hostel with a crew of other vagabond travelers. As long as it's close to the water and she can paddle daily, she's in.

2. She's driven

 Despite our beach bum persona, paddlers are driven. We wake up early, eat well and train hard. Sure, we down a few beers from time to time, but we earned them. Your girl's no different. She's a hard worker, both on and off the water. She wants to do well in her sport, but she also wants to do well in life.

3. Hottie with a body 

Any free time she has, she's on the water. Paddling is the perfect full body workout. This SUP fanatics are inherently toned. She could be a model, but she'd laugh if you told her that. She'd rather be on the water.

4. She's always in a bikini 

There's no way you're going to have to lure this girl to the beach in hopes of catching a glimpse of her in a bikini. On the contrary, sunscreen is a staple and swimsuits are her mantra. She'd rather wear a bikini than a pair of jeans any day. You just happen to be around to reap the benefits.

5. She doesn't need hours in front of a mirror. This mermaid doesn't need hours to get ready. She's already got gorgeous beach waves and beautiful skin, she simply needs to throw on a pair of shorts over her bikini and she's good to go. On occasion, she'll put on a touch of makeup and that little black dress that you love, but she's more about having fun than looking perfect.

6. She's multifaceted 

Most paddlers are crossover athletes and therefore are very well-versed on the water. But even if SUP is her one and only, your girl paddle surfs, competes on flatwater and might even live for downwinders. Chances are she's got an amazing job and sweet social circle, too.

7. She challenges you

You don't want to get beat by a girl, but then again this girl shreds. She challenges you to paddle faster and surf harder. She wants to beat you as badly as you want to beat her, the result of which is going to help improve your paddling…though maybe not your ego.

8. She's down to hang with the guys

You have a crew that you paddle with every weekend. You want to spend time with your girl, but you can't leave the boys hanging. Your SUP chica is down to hang with the guys and has no problem holding her own. In a male dominant sport, she's making a serious case for women. And she looks beautiful doing it.

9. She's tough

She's tumbled over the falls enough times to develop thick skin. Be it a broken board or an insult in the lineup, nothing fazes her. She simply brushes it off with a laugh and flashes that killer smile of hers.

10. She gets it

Your incessant need to travel, spend hours on the road in search of pumping surf, or drop two grand on an new sled. She gets it. And more importantly, she encourages it.

Rebecca Parsons