On Wednesday morning, Bart de Zwart (Holland), living in Maui, Hawaii, began his attempt to cross the North Sea, from England to Holland, on SUP (STARBOARD 14′ Open Ocean). This is the first attempt of a North Sea crossing by SUP and Bart is paddling the entirety of the expedition solo, non-stop and unsupported.

Bart started near Lowestoft, England and will arrive in Holland in Zandvoort at THE SPOT after paddling about a 100 miles (182 KM). After waiting for a break in the Easterly winds Holland has experienced for the last few weeks, opportunity arose when a window of 48 hours appeared enough to get the adventure going.

Last year, Bart successfully crossed the entire Hawaiian Island chain, 300 miles (480 KM) non-stop, from Big Island to Kauai, earning Top Expedition of 2011 at SUP Awards.

Follow Bart’s journey at SUP-Crossing.blogspot.com