“What happens if the boat gets struck by lightning?”

“Nothing,” says Captain Kirk. “It just stays up there. The boat is grounded.”

Good thing, because lightning is raining down all around our yacht. We woke this morning to the skies pouring and a violent electrical storm. Not the waves we’ve been hunting. These are probably remnants of Hurricane Tomas, and once they pass, hopefully, the wind will turn and the waves will improve.

We watched the rain fall all morning until we got fed up with sitting around. Some, Rob and Jen dove in for some freediving while Laura hopped on the SUP for a quick circumnavigation of George Dog Island. Maybe it wasnt’ the smartest idea to be swimming or paddling in a lightning storm but we really needed to get wet.

I got my handline out for some fishing, trying to snag the massive Pompano I saw schooling near our boat. The underwater world of the BVI continues to blow our minds. Jen said the reefs here look so much more alive than in Hawaii. The colors are super bright and, when we’re under the surface, it’s not raining at

Hopefully when we wake up tomorrow the storms will have passed.

DAY 3 UPDATE:The SUP magazine team has scored. Thing's have gotten interesting, says SUP photographer Robert Zaleski. "Macking swell closed out one spot, we had a close encounter with a big shark and some really fun surf at a spot that doesn’t get good too often," he says. "Sick day." To say the least.

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Look for this BVI feature in the Spring, 2011 issue of SUP magazine.