Ain’t nothin’ like searchin’ for waves. That’s what SUP magazine Art Director Robert Zaleski and contributing editor Mark Anders are doing right now while we’re stuck in the office scratching keyboards. If you’re a weekend warrior like us, follow along during the next week as we live vicariously through our heroes in a series of web journals from Anders accompanied by Zaleski’s photo outtakes as they dodge Hurricane Tomas in the Caribbean.

Stardate: November 6, 2010

Sorry, just had to type that because the captain of our 46-foot Moorings sailing catamaran is named Captain Kirk. Except he’s from Antigua, not Star Trek.

Actually our little Caribbean expedition has been pretty classic so far. We’re down here cruising the British Virgin Islands with two cool SUP girls from Hawaii: Jen Koki and Laura Birse. They’re training partners (did the Molokai Channel Crossing together) and are about as opposite as you could imagine. Jen is a straight-up Hawaiian born and bred surfer and Honolulu lifeguard. Laura is a Latvian girl who ended up in Honolulu via Germany then Florida. She’s a 6-foot, 1-inch blonde with blue eyes and is a self-professed Amazonian. Jen is cruisey. Laura is precise. And they’re both super cool.

This is just our first day of a seven-day trip. We’re in search of empty waves, long downwind runs and, of course, rum drinks. Actually we’re chasing down waves from Hurricane Tomas right now but we didn’t get too far today. Our catamaran (named My Ann) had some battery trouble before we left the harbor, so we only made it halfway to Anegada Island, where we’re hoping to find some hurricane swell. Right now we’re moored in an area called Bath, off the island of Virgin Gorda, a place famous for its rock formations and incredible underwater scenery. We threw the C4s in the water for a little paddling, freediving (under the surface it’s like a scene out of Finding Nemo). No surf and no downwind runs tonight but there was some rum drinking.

One out of three ain’t bad.

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