fall fitness: a water workout

Photo: JP Van Swae

Fall Fitness: A Water Workout

By Brody Welte, PaddleFit

Have a buoy on hand to throw in the water. You can make one for under $25 with a 10-pound dumbbell, enough rope to for it to reach the bottom and an inflatable pool toy for the buoy.

Warm up

If you don't do one of our workouts available here, spend at least five minutes paddling at about 50 percent power.

Start at the buoy and sprint one minute away. Turn around and sprint back to the buoy and perform the most advanced turn you know be it cross-bow or pivot turn. Recover for 30 seconds.
Use this same formula but increase the time that you spend sprinting.
Two minutes away from the buoy, sprint back to the buoy, pivot turn, rest 30 seconds
Increase each minute up to five minutes.
Take at least a two-minute break to let your heart rate come down.
Repeat twice
Switch directions each time you round the buoy.

Perform the same workout but start off with four-minute sprints and go up to nine. Also, do four complete 360-degree pivot turns instead of just one. You can even throw in some push-ups and hover plank on land after each sprint if you want to take it the next level.

Cool down

Check out our cool down here. If you don't, paddle around at a slow pace for five minutes. Now is a good time to do static stretching. Get after it!

This article originally ran in our Summer 2014 issue as "The Quick Fitness Guide."

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