First Episode of The Progression Project Podcast

“It’s the most beautiful art I’ve ever connected with. I’ve never felt more love for an art than I feel right now with paddle surfing.”

This is Josh Waitzkin, an two-time Tai Chi Push Hands World Champion, eight-time US National Chess Champion and a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, as interviewed on the first episode of The Progression Project Podcast.

The Progression Project Podcast is the new offering from the mind of Erik Antonson, host of the Paddlewoo Podcast, producer of The Progression Project movie and Costa Rica-based SUP coach.

“I’m now passionately exploring the learning process, deliberate practice and how to be a better parent,” Antonson writes about the basis for his new podcast.

And while this podcast will go broader than just paddle surfing, the first episode is brimming with wisdom that can apply to any portion of the SUP world—and well beyond.

Waitzkin, Antonson’s first guest, is basically a professional at learning and is the author of “The Art of Learning” a book that Antonson requires that you read before you come down for coaching with him in Costa Rica. His insights on learning to SUP surf after learning multiple disciplines at world-class levels are incredibly inspiring, practical and applicable to wherever you’re at in your SUP career.

Case in point: Waitzkin had been cultivating many of the techniques and practices that Antonson had been feeding him over five or six trips down to Costa Rica over a year-long period. Then, in one intense session it all came together.

“That was the most awesome two hours of my life,” Waitzkin says. “Other than the birth of my boys…my hands are sweating right now just thinking about it.”

Waitzkin said he was used to these periods of what felt like plateaus only to have a major breakthrough when the timing was right.

The two also discuss cultivating passion, visualization, mental representation and much more in their conversation. If you’re obsessed with any kind of standup paddling, this should be required listening.

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