Photo courtesy of the San Louis Obisbo Tribune

Photo courtesy of the San Louis Obisbo Tribune

Frames: Agents of Grace

A little grace goes along way. It’s infectious, and grounding—a character trait that, when exercised, can change and even reverse a friend’s bad day. The grace of nature—a windless paddle on a glassy lake; the grace of strangers—a benevolent gesture of gratitude or appreciation; the grace of community—camaraderie in the face of adversity, activism in the case of affliction, and even something as simple as company to paddle with on a foggy day.

In Morro Bay, California, a group of women band together as pillars of grace in the harbor. They’ve made local news dressing up for holiday paddles, and while they don’t miss a chance to indulge in the playfulness of a given occasion (see the video of their Halloween paddle below), their simple act of festively paddling together come rain or shine is exemplary of the grace we humans thrive on. Here the group strikes again, walking on water together in the fog, dressed as angels to celebrate and spread Christmas cheer. A gracious act to inspire us to carry it forward.

Happy holidays and happy paddling!

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