Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

A Note From The Editor | On the Job

The pros and cons perks of a SUP professional

Empty waves broke one after another, slamming into the undeveloped beachfront in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia, light plumes of spray feathering off the back into a slate-gray sky. Another wave—overhead, groomed and peaking—was coming my way. I was alone, with little choice.

I pivoted, took a couple of strokes and dropped into another perfect wall.

I'm working right now, I thought as I tried to catch my breath paddling back out into the lonely lineup.

I was in the Mentawais spending time with Slater Trout—another guy with a tough job—for a profile.

It's the type of experience that has come to define my time here at SUP magazine. I've explored virgin downwind runs on the remote Baja coast, camped on lonely Oregon beaches only accessible by paddle and suffered trying to keep up with Tahitian racers. And every time I'm out there I think, I'm working right now?

I could bore you with details of late-night deadlines, the stress of reporting from the sport's biggest races or the unrelenting, 24-7 demands of the Web. Sure, that's all part of earning it. But over time, it's hardly what sticks in my mind.

I've always measured life in experiences and in those terms, this is the best job I could ask for. Joe Carberry, my predecessor, under- stood that too. No matter the stress, the pressure or the workload, "Carbs" always made time to experience the paddling life while still producing the sport's best magazine. I'll never forget sneaking out of the office for downwinders, getting up at 4:30 to score uncrowded surf or running rivers deep in the Idaho wilderness.

As the editor-in-chief, I'll spend much more time in the office. And that's OK. The pittance is slight compared to the rewards of the job. So next time I'm stuck between office walls, telling stories about some of the sport's most colorful characters, events and places, all I have to do is remind myself, I'm working right now. –Will Taylor

This feature originally ran in the Fall 2015 issue.

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