Board Review | Jarvis Rio Grande

11’6″ x 31″ x 6″ (200 liters)

The Rio-Grande from Jarvis Boards offers a rare combination of quality, beauty and durability only achievable by pairing natural material with expert craftsmanship. Hand made in Austin, Texas by company founder Tony Smith, the Rio is a stunning and sustainably assembled specimen using a responsibly sourced layup of mix-matched wood and recycled bio-waste Entropy Resin. It's billed as an all-around board for touring and fitness paddling, and at 11'6", it's easily maneuverable even for smaller guys and ladies. The leather strap handle is also a nice design flair that makes it easier for more petite standup participants to transport, as does the surprising 27-pound weight. On the water, the displacement nose slices through glass smoothly while the rail lines and single fin provide straight tracking, making it a great board for lakes or large rivers. It pivot-turns well too, thanks to a wide and balanced tail block. The boxy rails and non-existent rocker result in a more tippy experience when things get choppy, though, so it's probably best to reserve the Rio for calm stuff. A great board for starting conversations, touring lakes and combining a passion for art with your love for walking on water. —Mike Misselwitz

This review was originally published in our 2016 Summer Issue.

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