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A few items of new gear you didn’t know you didn’t need but definitely would be better off having…can you dig it? Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

Field Notes | Gear | Summer on the Sand

Gear to make your beach day better

1. Canyon Coolers Outfitter 50
$290 |
Coolers are now stronger, burlier and more insulated than ever before. One of the best is the Canyon Coolers Outfitter. With a four-year warranty, a 46-can capacity (with ice) and easy-to-use latches this cooler will keep your food and drinks ice cold for a beach day. Or five.

2. Vivobarefoot Ra II Hopewell
$140 |
If you're anything like us, your beach days often blend into office days. That's where the Ra II Hopewells come in. Rinse off and slip them on barefoot for classic Oxford-style footwear, perfect for desk surfing. The next best thing to flip-flops.

3. Olukai Women's Ono
$70 |
The Ono is Olukai's take on the everyday sandal. What makes them special is the care put into the construction: they're comfortable, have great support, they're great in the water and they'll last you for years. Style and function, our favorite combination.

4. Original Watermen Boardshort Liner
$40 |
Boardshort rash is one of the worst things a guy can experience. Original Watermen designed the Boardshort Liner to combat the dreaded chafe and keep you in the water. They fit tight and do the job well. Get back in!

5. REI Camp Roll Table
$65 |
Dinner on the sand is, well, sandy. This Roll Table is a lightweight aluminum beauty that's easy to set up and won't rust in salty or muggy air and it packs up into a stuff sack for easy carry and storage. Raise your game.

6. Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Set
$88 |
We love knives. The Freescape Set makes kitchen-related tasks a pleasure with a paring and kitchen knife in a locking drawer that slides beneath the sturdy cutting board. Plus, it has room for wet wipes.

7. Mafia Bags Tour Pack
$120 |
Mafia Bags are one-of-a-kind, both in looks and in their business model. The backpacks are made from repurposed kites and sails from wind sports, meaning they're strong, water resistant and built to last—pure recycled awesomeness.

8. RinseKit
$90 |
No more dumping a juice jug full of water over your head. The RinseKit holds two gallons of water and shoots out pressurized water up to four minutes. You can even remove the lid to use as a changing platform. It never leaves our car.

9. Hydro Flask 64 Ounce Beer Growler
$55 |
The rise of microbreweries has led to a serious question: how do you get fresh beer down to the beach? Answer: the Hydro Flask Beer Growler. The insulated, double-walled bottle keeps beer (or water, or juice, or any other liquid) cold for up to 24 hours. Fill it up at your local brewery and hit the sand. Don't forget your cups.

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This feature originally ran in the Summer 2015 issue.