Growing Up With SUP’s Youngest Yoga Instructor

This article by Elessar Brugger originally appeared in our Fall 2016 Women’s issue. 

When it comes to elementary entrepreneurialism, shaking up stereotypes and plain-old making the most of life, few 16-year-olds have a résumé like Jaysea DeVoe.

At age 12, she earned her yoga teaching credentials with 200 hours of training ,and purportedly became the youngest certified yoga instructor in America. Not satisfied with that, she went to school for SUP yoga and earned the title of youngest SUP yoga instructor in the world. And that was just the beginning.

"When I first started teaching yoga, I themed it all around the sea," DeVoe says. "So I started calling my practice Sea Vibes Yoga. I've been doing that for two years now and we decided to take it a little further and do a clothing brand with it."

With a little help from her folks—who own a boutique talent management company—and her flexible homeschool schedule, DeVoe owns and operates a brick-and-mortar shop in Encinitas, California that carries her own brand of women's yoga and active wear, along with her handmade jewelry. They also sell yoga boards and paddles.

"It's all about women's clothing inspired by yoga, surf and SUP," DeVoe says. "We're empowering women to be outside and have fun and live life."

She may be mellow but her entrepreneurial savvy and youth has attracted media attention from outlets as diverse and prominent as The New York Times, Elle and Yoga Journal.

But the young yogi is quintessential Encinitas—the seaside Southern California surf town she's growing up in—a land of surf industry, yoga studios and endless water. One look at DeVoe reveals her seabound lifestyle: she's bleach-blonde and sun-kissed, with long legs and the slender build of an aspiring waterwoman. And if her business is any indication, she's got the brain to boot.

These days, you can find DeVoe traveling the states for seminars, teaching SUP yoga to all comers, preschoolers and grandparents alike, practicing her sports and juggling life between homeschooling and the education of worldly experience.

She's building her brand with yoga classes as far away as Toronto or Hawaii and teaching at festivals like Wanderlust, One Love Music Festival and Lightning in a Bottle. And business aside, she still makes time for her family and the ocean. For this 14-year-old, that's what it's all about.


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