Lina Augaitis

Inside the Ride | Lina Augaitis

Age: 34
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Lina Augaitis is an outdoor renaissance woman. The Canadian's path includes time as an adventure racer, skier, mountain biker, wilderness guide and, more recently, one of the world's top female SUP racers. With a custom, built-in bed, a locally designed bike rack and all the amenities she needs, Lina's ride is almost as versatile as she is.
Mike Misselwitz

Race Board.SIC X 12'6" Pro Lite. It was designed by Mark Raaphorst, who is an amazing shaper, and it's my go-to race board for flatwater and small chop.

Fin.The SUP Gladiator fin designed and built by Larry Allison. Great in all conditions, and it's my lucky fin.

Bed. My husband built a bed by taking out the back seats and welding in a custom frame. Underneath is just the right height to fit milk crates for storage and above is just enough room to sit up comfortably. Perfect.

Skis. These are my backcountry touring skis with Dynafit bindings, which is what I normally use. In the winter, skiing is my main outdoor sport. Around here, especially in the spring, you can ski tour, mountain bike and paddleboard all in one day.

iSUP. Inflatable SIC X 12'6". This is the best for traveling. It's perfect for planes or car trips where I don't want to put boards on the roof. It hangs out in the car a lot.

Paddle. The Werner Grand Prix is my go-to race paddle. I like Werner because they're a family organization, they're well-built paddles and they make their products in the U.S.

Drysuit. My Supskin drysuit saves me in the winter. It's super lightweight and has little booties and a hood attached for the many cold, rainy days we have here.

Running Gear. I used to be a big adventure racer, and I still really enjoy trail running.

Mountain Bike. This is my favorite mountain bike for North Vancouver, which is known for having really technical trails. It's a Titus, but my husband put it together from a bunch of different parts. And I love the color. Orange makes me look hardcore.

Bike Rack. This is called the North Shore rack, and it was created and made by a couple from North Vancouver. They were annoyed with how complicated and cumbersome most racks are, so they made a simple, tough rack that's easy to use. All it takes is one rope to secure the bikes, and you can put up to four bikes on it.

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This feature originally ran in our 2015 Summer Issue.