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From The Mag | Inside The Ultimate Mountain SUP Ride

Ken Hoeve wears many hats. He grew up surfing and lifeguarding in St. Augustine, Florida before moving to Colorado at 21 to snowboard. When the snow melted the next summer he was bored; that was, until he saw a kayak. He's been running whitewater ever since, adding SUP to the mix when he spotted some early inflatable designs eight years ago. In the time since, he's been a pioneer of whitewater SUP in addition to being an avid fly fisherman, utilizing his standup skills to hunt down wary fish. When he's not on the water, he can be found raising his two sons, announcing paddling events and cruising around in his classic Ford Bronco.

1. 1970 Ford Bronco. She's 100 percent original, never restored, with 36,000 miles. When I was a kid everyone used to ride around in my friend's dad's Bronco. I always wanted one. Mine's almost brand new: It's like someone wrapped it in plastic in 1970 and just unwrapped it. It's for cruising in summer with my inflatable in the back. It's fun and a pretty classic Colorado ride.

2. Yeti Hopper 40. I really like it because it's not only a cooler but also a padded, floating drybag. It makes an awesome travel carry-on. I take my computer and camera and put it in the overhead. It's funny when you carry it on, people are like, "Can I have a beer?"

3. Redington Fly Rod and Reel. They're good, durable, dependable rods and they come in all prices. It's a four-piece so it's easy to travel with. It's my main fly rod and I've fished hard with it for about three years.

4. Werner Soul S2 Three-Piece Paddle. I chose this one specifically because it's a three-piece break-down and it has a bright blade so when you swim (in whitewater) you can easily find it. It's super durable, will fit into my inflatable bag with my gear when I travel and its length is adjustable. I like a super-short paddle when I'm running hard whitewater and I like it tall when I'm cruising.

5. Kokatat Drysuit. Kokatat makes hands down the best drysuit. Their stuff is warrantied, their customer service is the best and I can paddle in the middle of winter and stay dry. Plus, the colors are good for visibility and rescue.

6. Kokatat Maximus PFD. This thing is for full-on whitewater rescue. I like all the pockets, you can put an attachment on it for a hydration pack and it has a built in safety harness that I can attach a leash to. Mandatory on the river.

7. NSP Fisherman. This board is 39-inches wide. For whitewater you need a wide, thick, stable board. The beautiful thing about this is that it has attachments for Scotty Mounts: I can mount rod holders, a cup holder or a fish finder. I can run whitewater on the Colorado today and tomorrow I can fly to Florida and chase redfish and use the same board for both. I like the versatility.

This article originally published in our Winter 2016 Issue.

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