People Who SUP

SUP magazine caught up with five people who SUP to talk standup paddling. We asked the five everyday paddlers to tell us about their secret SUP spot, without giving too much away. Here’s what they said:

Eric Lair

OCCUPATION: Owner, SUP Oklahoma; Lawyer
Bixhoma Lake, just south of Tulsa. I've taken people out there that have lived in Tulsa their entire lives and didn't know it was there. They're blown away by how pretty it is and how clean the water is. It's just cool that you can find some new place that you've never been to or never heard about but it's literally in your own backyard.


Kaila Pearson

OCCUPATION: Student; Lifeguard
HOMETOWN: Santa Cruz, CA
It's a fifteen-minute paddle up the coast from my house, give or take a few minutes for wind and conditions. The surf spot is nestled in between two points, so it's nice and protected, but hard to get to. Nobody's ever there! One must either paddle to the spot, or be very quick and nimble and on their feet at low tide. The waves are fun, the scenery is awesome and the beach is sandy. I love my little secluded spot!


Will Gayle

OCCUPATION: Employee, Island Surf & Sport
Probably Third Beach in Middletown. It's usually quiet and you can paddle around this wildlife preserve, sometimes you'll see deer. The water's a little clearer around there and there's some rocks to paddle around. It's nice because it's usually protected in the afternoon from offshore winds, so it's nice and clean.


Aaron Pruzan

OCCUPATION: Owner, Rendezvous River Sports
HOMETOWN: Jackson Hole, WY
How about the Hoback River? It's about 17 miles, fun surf waves, lots of rocks, lots of eddy moves, the rapids are all makeable and challenging and it's in a beautiful, wild, scenic canyon. And it's only thirteen miles from town!

People-Who-SUP-Aaron Pruzan

Greg Whittaker

OCCUPATION: Owner, Mountain to Sound Outfitters
HOMETOWN: West Seattle, WA
Alki Beach in West Seattle. It's pretty fun because you have urban wildlife so we paddle with sea lions and seals, lots of cool birds, jellyfish and salmon. There were orcas off our beach two days ago! When the silver salmon come through they run shallow so you can see schools of them going underneath your board.


This article originally ran in our Summer 2014 issue as “Word on the Water.”

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