Scarlett Schremmer on her way to a U18 US SUP Surfing Championship. Photo courtesy Patricia Schremmer

Groms: Scarlett Schremmer

Scarlett Schremmer is only ten years old, but you wouldn't know it by watching her surf. Her style and technique are well beyond her years and she is already making big waves in both the surf and SUP communities. She's taken down competitors nearly twice her age and shows no signs of slowing down. Here, the young Oahu local shares what it's like balancing school and training, her favorite celebrity surf partner, and what it's like competing against some of the world's best at such a young age.

SUP: How did you first get into SUP?

SS: I moved to Hawai’i when I was three years old. I started surfing when I was four at Waikiki beach and took a lot of my first surf lessons with the Waikiki Beach Boys. When I was five, my parents bought me a used SUP. My two big sisters, Mason and Lola, also surf competitively and they would always help me with SUP, longboard and shortboard. I compete in all three, mostly shortboard because most of the contests here are for shortboards.

You're only 10 years old and yet you recently took home the win from the U18 USA SUP Champs against some solid competition. How did that feel?

It was really exciting to get the win at the USA Surfing Championship in U18 SUP and also the National Scholastic Surfing Association National title in U18 SUP. I was a little nervous paddling out because I knew the girls were older and bigger than me. I tried to catch the biggest waves and do big maneuvers that would get good scores because I felt I had to prove that a ten-year-old could be competitive. The waves were really nice at Oceanside and the wind was down, so I was able to get on the waves I wanted pretty easily.

Have you had any other big SUP surfing wins this year?

My big SUP win prior to the USA Championships was winning the Hawaii State Surfing Championships, U18 SUP in April.

You compete in traditional surfing as well. What have been some of your accomplishments?

I compete in the Hawaii Surfing Association and the NSSA Hawaii. I compete in shortboard in my age group which is U12. I took 3rd place at the Hawaii State Championships in U12 shortboard and qualified to surf Nationals in shortboard at Lowers. I won the Northshore Menehune Championship in shortboard when I was nine. I also won the Waikiki Classic in menehune girls longboard when I was nine. 

What does a 10-year-old champion in multiple board sports look like? Scarlett Schremmer, that’s what. Photo courtesy of Patricia Schremmer

Who are some of your role models in standup paddling?

My role models in SUP are Candice Appleby, my sister, Mason, Izzi and Giorgio Gomez, and Kai Lenny.

Are you home-schooled or do you attend regular school? Is it challenging balancing school and training?

I am going into the fifth grade in August at Ewa Beach Elementary. I love going to school at a traditional school with other kids and a teacher. I also love being able to compete in surf events and sometimes I have to do some home-school in order to keep my academics on track. Home-school is convenient for travel, but real school is much easier and less homework!

Who do you typically surf/train with?

I usually surf with my sisters.  My parents do not surf well enough to help me with surf skills so I have worked with some local coaches on Oahu. One of my favorite people to SUP surf with is my friend Jimmy Buffett. Margaritaville is my and my sisters’ sponsor. Jimmy is pretty good at SUP and funny. He longboards with us also.

Do you do any SUP racing?

I do not do any SUP racing. My mom says I can only ride boards that I can carry and load onto the car by myself.

What are some of your goals looking forward?

My goals are to compete on the WSL in shortboard and compete in SUP if there is a world tour for that. I would also like to compete in the Olympics. I think the NCAA should start a program for college surfing so I could surf in college in about eight years.

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